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Exotic Genetix – Grease Monkey F2 {REG} [10pk]


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Exotic Genetix – Grease Monkey F2

Grease Monkey x Grease Monkey

50/50 Hybrid

Flower Cycle: 56-63 Days

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Multi Topped Bush

This is a strain that’s super high in THC, ranging anywhere from 16-30% THC, respectively. It is very
pungent and is almost like a tranquilizer in the way that it feels, creating a flavor profile that’s dank, and
comes with a vanilla and diesel taste to it. It’s great for aches and pains, and it can also quell your
heightened scenes if you’re dealing with a lot.
If you like dank and sweet buds, this is something that is great for you to try out and watch.
So what is It?
This is one that’s exciting, and it’s one that was brought to us through Exotic Genetix, who gave us
Starfighter and Kimbo Kush, and this is one that’s very stacked for a good reason.
This is something that utilizes Gorilla Glue #4 along with Cookies and Cream to create a super THC-
heavy, potent bud that’s great for relaxation of different levels, without losing mental stimulation.
If you like something that offers couch locking but still gives you that mental feel, this is the must-try
that you need. You won’t be made useless for hours and is great for medicinal and recreational uses.
Aroma, Appearance, and flavor
This is one that doesn’t really have a discreet smell to it. It’s stinky and skunky with a sweet tone to it
that will definitely be one that you smell before you even taste it. So if you’re fine with going noticed,
then by all means.
The smell is also unique, which means that it will have a potent diesel and sweet smell to it, and it’s a
love or hate scent. This is definitely a strong one but breaking it up does offer a fruity and grape scent,
along with a mixture of petrol smells to this too.
This is definitely dank, and great for those who love diesel and candy strains.
The flavor of this is something that’s also very pungent. It does have vanilla and gasoline flavors, so it’s
complex and intense as well. This also is very smooth and doesn’t come with a throat hit, so it’s
enjoyable without throwing you into a coughing fir. When you exhale, it does have a spicy and peppery
taste to it, balancing all of this to a way that’s pleasurable for everyone.
The appearance is one that is pretty tall, with furry trichomes all over this, and a frosted and sticky layer
on this.
It does have the same look most indica strains do, and this also is a very deep purple when it matures.
The high
This has a very strong amount of THC, and it can be pungent.
It does leave you with some couch lock and sedative effects, but also makes you feel slightly euphoric,
and subtly stimulated to help with a variety of conditions.
This is discreet and the pressure that it sends will help to remove body aches and pains, leaving you
more relaxed and happier than ever before.

It creates a mental calmness that’s perfect for those who are coming down after work, or don’t want to
have to worry about anything.
If you do have the aches, insomnia, nausea, or chronic pain will benefit, since it does offer a calming,
hazy blanket that’ll relax you. It does have a munchies-filled buzz, so make sure that you have your
favorite snack nearby.
This is definitely a better evening smoke, or for those chill days, since it will leave you high for about 3
hours after consumption.
It occasionally does make you have racing thoughts, so if you’re prone to paranoia either take a little or
be mindful.


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