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Ethos Genetics – Lemon Berry Candy OG Bx1

Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x L.G.B.T. (Lemon Grape Bubba Temple)

She’s an absolute dream to grow in every way. Medium height with strong lateral branching. Both her flowers and leaves are coated in huge terpy trich-heads. Ripening early, she can be taken at seven weeks or keep letting her swell until week nine. Her extractions are extraordinary.

From The Breeder


β€’ 8 Regular M/F Seeds

β€’ Flowering Time: 8 weeks

β€’ Yield: Medium/Large


β€’ Early-Mid Season

β€’ Yield: Flower medium heavy.

β€’ Extracts: Heavy

β€’ THC: 25%

β€’ CBD: 1-3%

β€’ Terpenes: Extremely pungent and sharp candied lemons with mixed sweet berries and gasoline underneath.

β€’ Effects: Hard-hitting hybrid. Uplifting, energetic and euphoric but not racey. Great appetite stimulant.

Introducing the Lemon Berry Candy OG Bx1, a brilliant strain creation from Ethos Genetics. Strap in for an exploration into the roots of this strain, its intriguing terpene profile, and its genetically similar counterparts in the cannabis world.

Origins of Lemon Berry Candy OG Bx1 Strain

The Lemon Berry Candy OG Bx1 strain has a diverse lineage of Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and L.G.B.T. (Lemon Grape Bubba Temple), all masterfully woven together by the expert breeders at Ethos Genetics. It stands as a testament to the artistry of blending genetics, yielding a strain that retains the best attributes of its parent strains while carving its own niche in the cannabis spectrum.

Terpene Profile and Aroma of Lemon Berry Candy OG Bx1

Immerse yourself in the deliciously complex aroma of Lemon Berry Candy OG Bx1. A fusion of citrus from Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and fruity notes from L.G.B.T., the strain produces an invigorating aroma that fills the senses. Its smell is a sweet, tangy mix that’s instantly recognizable, yet intriguingly unique.

Strains Similar to Lemon Berry Candy OG Bx1

Fans of Lemon Berry Candy OG Bx1 might also appreciate strains like Banana Hammock RBX1 or Ethos Apex F1. Brought to you by the same creators, Ethos Genetics, these strains carry a distinctive palette of flavors and scents, offering a varied exploration of the cannabis terrain.

  • Yield: low
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