Ethos Genetics โ€“ Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 {AUTOFEM}

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  • Ethos Genetics - Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 {AUTOFEM}
  • Lineage: Banana Hammock Auto x Grand Daddy Purple
  • Category: Auto Feminized Seeds
  • Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 by Ethos Genetics is an autoflowering feminized strain that crosses Banana Hammock Auto with Grand Daddy Purple, offering a tantalizing blend of tropical banana flavors with the classic grape and berry undertones of Grand Daddy Purple. This second backcross ensures vigorous growth and enhanced stability, producing plants with sizable, aromatic buds that are both visually appealing and deeply satisfying. The aroma is a rich tapestry of sweet, fruity notes with a grounding earthiness, making Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 a perfect strain for growers looking for ease without sacrificing depth of flavor.

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Breeder Certified Genetics

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Ethos Genetics โ€“ Banana Daddy Auto RBX2

Banana Hammock Auto x Grand Daddy Purple

10 Feminized Automatic Seeds Per Pack

As I cradle the Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 strain seeds in my hands, I am reminded of its remarkable parentage. This exquisite strain is a cross between Banana Hammock Auto and the ever-so-popular Grand Daddy Purple, two giants in the cannabis world. The perfect marriage of these two powerhouses results in a strain that is as potent as it is flavorful.

Delving into the origins of Banana Daddy Auto RBX2, its lineage paints a vivid picture of passion and dedication to creating high-quality cannabis. Banana Hammock Auto, with its tantalizing tropical flavors, and Grand Daddy Purple, renowned for its potent relaxing effects and grape undertones, come together to form a strain that stands out for all the right reasons.

Upon close inspection, the Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 strain greets your senses with an enticing aroma. A heavy scent of ripe bananas combined with a hint of sweet grapes โ€“ itโ€™s a symphony of tropical and fruity fragrances that sets the tone for the experience to follow.

Once lit, Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 fills your mouth with a creamy smoke that carries the rich flavors of banana and grape, layered with subtle hints of spices and earth. Itโ€™s a nostalgic journey back to childhood summers, ripe bananas, and grape juice popsicles. Itโ€™s a truly decadent smoking experience, a dessert in its own right.

Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 shares its fantastic genetics with other remarkable strains. Banana Hammock Auto contributed to the creation of Tropicana Banana (Banana Hammock Auto x Tropicana), and Grand Daddy Purple has given us strains such as Bay 11 (Grand Daddy Purple x Bay Platinum Cookies). Each of these strains carries a piece of the Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 genetic legacy.

Tags: Banana Daddy Auto RBX2, Banana Hammock Auto, Grand Daddy Purple, Autoflowering, Hybrid, 20-25%, 8-10 weeks, Tropicana Banana, Bay 11, Tropical Flavor, Sweet Grapes, Earthy Undertones.

Meta Description: ๐ŸŒTake a tropical journey with Banana Daddy Auto RBX2! Experience its fruity flavors and potent effects. Start your adventure at!๐Ÿ‡

Meta Title: ๐ŸŒดBanana Daddy Auto RBX2: A Tropical Escape๐ŸŒ


  1. Q: What does Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 strain taste like? A: ๐ŸŒIt has a rich tropical flavor, with dominant notes of ripe bananas and sweet grapes.๐Ÿ‡
  2. Q: What is the lineage of Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 strain? A: ๐ŸŒดBanana Daddy Auto RBX2 is a hybrid, a cross between Banana Hammock Auto and Grand Daddy Purple.๐ŸŒ
  3. Q: What strains share genetics with Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 strain? A: ๐Ÿ‡Tropicana Banana and Bay 11 are strains that share genetics with Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 strain.๐ŸŒ
  4. Q: Where can I get Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 strain seeds? A: ๐ŸŒฑ, your trustworthy U.S.A. based seed bank, offers top-quality Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 strain seeds.๐ŸŒด

Holding a Banana Daddy Auto RBX2 strain seed is like holding a piece of cannabis history. Every toke, every puff, every tantalizing whiff of its tropical aroma is an experience in and of itself. Itโ€™s a testament to the magic of marijuana and its endless potential for variation and exploration. Your tropical escape is just a toke away. Your journey begins at Come, discover the magic of the Banana Daddy Auto RBX2

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