Elite Clone Seed Company – Gelato 45 {FEM}


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Elite Clone Seed Company – Gelato 45

Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint

Allow me to take you on a journey with Gelato 45 strain that’s as deliciously compelling as its dessert-like name. Bred from the genetics of the Sunset Sherbet strain and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint strain, this strain is a delight for both the nose and the palate.

Let’s start with Gelato 45’s impressive lineage. Sunset Sherbet strain, one parent strain, brings a rainbow of fruity flavors to the table. On the other hand, the Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint strain lends its delicious minty sweetness, creating an exquisite genetic masterpiece in Gelato 45 strain.

The terpene profile of the Gelato 45 strain is a festival of dessert-like scents. A whiff of this strain reminds you of sweet sherbet with undertones of minty cookies. It’s like stepping into a sweet shop, with the aroma playing nostalgic tricks on your senses.

As for the taste, lighting up Gelato 45 strain is a treat in itself. The fruity notes from the Sunset Sherbet strain and the sweet, minty kick from the Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint strain mingle perfectly, providing an experience reminiscent of a delectable, creamy gelato on a warm summer day.

Product Title: Gelato 45 Cannabis Seeds by Elite Clone Seed Company

Product Short Description: Experience the exquisite blend of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint with our Gelato 45. A sensory delight from Elite Clone Seed Company.

Product Detailed Description:

Introduction: Elite Clone Seed Company proudly presents Gelato 45 – a fusion of the luscious Sunset Sherbet and the tantalizing Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint. Dive into the world of exotic aromas and invigorating effects with this premium hybrid.

Strain Details: Gelato 45, known for its dense buds and unique coloring, offers THC levels hovering around 20-25%. The flowering period typically spans 8 to 9 weeks.

Growing Information: Perfect for both novice and seasoned cultivators, Gelato 45 flourishes in both indoor and outdoor environments. With its strong genetics, the strain ensures a bountiful harvest and resilience against common pests. Feminized seeds guarantee a higher probability of female plants.

Effects and Flavor Profile: A rollercoaster of sensations, Gelato 45 offers a balanced euphoria coupled with deep relaxation. Bursting flavors of fruity sweetness, minty undertones, and a hint of creaminess encapsulate the palate.

Where to Buy Gelato 45 Cannabis Seeds in the US: For the genuine and superior genetics of Gelato 45, trust only EliteCloneSeeds.com. We bring you the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation.

Conclusion: Handcrafted by Elite Clone Seed Company, Gelato 45 stands testament to the art of cannabis breeding. Indulge in this gourmet hybrid and let its symphony of flavors and effects captivate you.

Discover the mystique of Gelato 45, a masterful blend brought to life by Elite Clone Seed Company. Experience the peak of cannabis refinement today!

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  • Lineage: Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint
  • Sativa: 30%
  • Indica: 70%
  • THC: 24%
  • Flower Time: 8 – 10 weeks days
  • Yield: medium
  • Flavor/Terpene Makeup: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene
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