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Eazy Daze Cultivators – Alien Struggle Bus F2 {REG} [11pk]


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Eazy Daze Cultivators – Alien Struggle Bus F2

(Sour Alien x Wild Thailand) x (Sour Alien x Wild Thailand)

Indica Dominant

Flower Cycle: 49-63 days

Yield: Above Average

11 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Alien Struggle Bus sums up our foray into the cannabis breeding world. After making over 200 inquiries to find a place that we could rent in Denver and grow cannabis. We landed a basement bedroom.
We faced several challenges once we got everything setup. From electric, to Wi-Fi, to watering systems. We had to tackle our challenges by hoping on a flight or driving the 1000 miles to get there defines the struggle.
We crossed a cut of Sour Alien with our magical Wild Thailand Male to create the Alien Struggle Bus F1 beans. Once we moved to Michigan, we took our favorite phenotype to date and created the Alien Struggle Bus #11 F2 seeds. Expect beautiful emerald, green fan leaves that can get quite large and feature a rigid structure. A very sturdy plant that won’t need much support even with impressive cola buds. Once flowering, be sure to have a solid carbon filter. Alien Struggle Bus has a classic diesel flowering smell, with a blend of funk. Trichome production begins early, and this lady likes plenty of calcium. Flowering time can be as little as seven weeks and is easy to cultivate. Once cured you will get a strong fuel and citrus smell. The Struggle Bus should put you in a good mood, with excellent energy, cotton mouth, and a bit of the munchies.


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