Dominion Seed Company – Local Skunk F3 {REG} [15pk]


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  • Dominion Seed Company - Local Skunk F3 {REG} [15pk]
  • Lineage: Original Diesel x (Cuddlefish HP x Sour Diesel IBL) x (Skelly Hashplant x SSSC Skunk1)
  • Category: Regular Seeds
  • Seed Count: 15 Seeds
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Terpenes: The smells range from skunky pine to oil rag and burnt rubber gas. The flavor can range from earthy pine hash to sour hash
  • Local Skunk F3 enhances its predecessor by incorporating Original Diesel into the mix, resulting in even more pronounced diesel and skunk aromas. This third filial generation exhibits vigorous growth and a robust profile, with sticky, trichome-rich buds. The sharp, fuel-like scent of Original Diesel amplifies the already potent mixture of Cuddlefish HP and Sour Diesel IBL, while the Skelly Hashplant and SSSC Skunk1 ensure a deep, hashy undertone with classic skunk vibes. Local Skunk F3 is perfect for those who value a powerful, aromatic experience with a lineage that promises reliability and high potency.


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Dominion Seed Company – Local Skunk F3

Lineage- Original Diesel x (Cuddlefish HP x Sour Diesel IBL) x (Skelly Hashplant x SSSC Skunk1)

What is Local Skunk F3?

I invite you to explore the world of the Local Skunk F3 strain, a veritable tour de force in the cannabis kingdom. This strain is the child of Original Diesel and a complex genetic blend of Cuddlefish High Potency, Sour Diesel Inbred Line, Skelly Hashplant, and the legendary SSSC Skunk1. This majestic plant is a nod to the old-school strains while carrying an ultra-modern twist.

Origins of the Local Skunk F3 Strain

The origins of Local Skunk F3 are intertwined with cannabis royalty. Brought to you by the reputable Dominion Seed Company, this strain traces its roots back to Original Diesel, a high T.H.C. strain known for its diesel-like aroma and potent effects. Alongside, its other progenitors add to the complex lineage, creating a marvel of horticultural expertise.

Understanding the Original Diesel Strain

Original Diesel, the mother strain of Local Skunk F3, is a legendary name among cannabis connoisseurs. Known for its powerful diesel aroma and energizing effects, Original Diesel has been favored by cannabis enthusiasts for years. It’s no wonder this strain was chosen to contribute to the genetics of Local Skunk F3.

The Role of the Father Strains

The father strains contribute a unique blend of effects and flavors to the Local Skunk F3. They bring together the high potency of Cuddlefish HP, the classic diesel tang of Sour Diesel I.B.L., the calming influence of Skelly Hashplant, and the balanced character of SSSC Skunk1, contributing to the layered and complex nature of the Local Skunk F3 strain.

The Perfect Blend: Original Diesel x [Cuddlefish HP x Sour Diesel IBL] x [Skelly Hashplant x SSSC Skunk1]

Together, these strains meld perfectly into Local Skunk F3, creating a potent and pleasurable blend. This strain stands tall in the cannabis landscape, offering a symphony of unique flavors, effects, and aromas.

Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Local Skunk strain F3 is an aromatic masterpiece. Notes of skunk, diesel, and earth, punctuated by piquant hints of spice, make for an unforgettable sensory experience. Prepare to be whisked away on a journey of olfactory delight, courtesy of this unique strain.

The Aroma of Skunk F3

The aroma of Local Skunk strain F3 is nothing short of mesmerizing. This strain offers a nostalgic nod to the classic skunk aromas while adding a modern twist. Imagine the tantalizing scent of ripe citrus fruits entwined with the familiar scent of diesel – a sensory symphony that will leave you yearning for more.

Where to Buy Local Skunk F3?

Looking for a premium source to buy Local Skunk F3 seeds? Look no further than, the best USA-based seed bank with a solid track record of over a decade. Offering a vast selection of premium quality cannabis seeds, including the highly sought-after Local Skunk F3, is your one-stop shop for cannabis seeds.

Strains Related to Local Skunk Strain F3

Several strains share genetics with Local Skunk F3, such as the renowned Original Diesel and Sour Diesel strains, providing a similar level of potency and aroma. Also, the Cuddlefish High Potency and Skelly Hashplant strains offer similar high-yielding properties.

Comparing Local Skunk F3 to Other Popular Strains

Compared to other popular strains, Local Skunk F3 holds its own. With a lineage that boasts some of the cannabis industry’s most famous strains, this hybrid offers a unique blend of effects, flavors, and aromas that are hard to beat.

Product Title: Local Skunk F3 by Dominion Seed Company

Product Short Description: A skunky masterpiece! Dive into a deeply aromatic experience with the Local Skunk F3 by Dominion Seed Company. Rooted in a rich lineage, it promises potency and flavor in every puff.

Product Detailed Description:


Dominion Seed Company proudly presents the Local Skunk F3 – a strain rich in history, with a lineage tracing back to some of the most cherished cannabis genetics. This strain encapsulates the aroma, potency, and vibrant effects of its ancestors, all crafted into a singular sensational experience.

Strain Details:

The deep-rooted lineage of the Local Skunk F3 stems from a combination of stellar cannabis genetics, including the infamous Original Diesel, Sour Diesel IBL, and the classic Skunk1. This combination results in a strain that boasts of vibrant skunky notes, backed by diesel undertones and a sweet aftertaste.

Growing Information:

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, Local Skunk F3 has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. Growers can expect compact, resin-coated buds with hues of green and orange pistils.

Effects and Flavor Profile:

With dominant terpenes like Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Pinene, expect a symphony of skunky and diesel flavors, finishing with a hint of sweet earthiness. The effects are a harmonious blend of energetic euphoria and relaxed creativity, making it perfect for social gatherings or solo introspective moments.

“Local Skunk F3 – A tribute to cannabis lineage, delivering an experience that’s both nostalgic and novel.” ~ The Herb Historian

  • Need more info on strains? Check out our blogs
  • Lineage: Original Diesel x (Cuddlefish HP x Sour Diesel IBL) x (Skelly Hashplant x SSSC Skunk1)
  • Sativa: 50%
  • Indica: 50%
  • Yield: heavy
  • Flavor/Terpene Makeup: The smells range from skunky pine to oil rag and burnt rubber gas. The flavor can range from earthy pine hash to sour hash
  • Effects: Local Skunk has a stout punch immediately to the head and right behind the eyes. The buzz is a very cloudy stupefied mind and a very narcotic body stone. Munchies on the couch 90’s throwback weed
  • Grow Tips:
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