CSI Humboldt – Obama Kush S1 {FEM} [7pk]

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  • CSI Humboldt – Obama Kush S1 {FEM} [7pk]
  • Lineage: Obama Kush x Obama Kush
  • Category: Feminized Seeds
  • Seed Count: 7 Seeds
  • Obama Kush S1 offers a striking array of compact, purple-tinged buds that carry the allure of royalty. These buds are not only visually stunning but are also enveloped in a rich, musky aroma with subtle notes of grape and pine, providing a complex and soothing olfactory experience. Bred with precision by CSI Humboldt, this strain is a perfect example of their commitment to preserving the distinctive qualities of unique strains. As a self-pollinated first generation of Obama Kush, this S1 variant maintains all the cherished qualities of its progenitor, known for its balanced, relaxing properties and appealing purple coloration. This strain is a favorite among those who appreciate a visually appealing bud with a deeply soothing aroma. Enhance your collection with this distinguished and elegant variety!


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Breeder Certified Genetics

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CSI Humboldt – Obama Kush S1

Obama Kush x Obama Kush {FEM} [7pk]

7 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Obama Kush S1 Strain

Obama Kush S1: Experience Presidential Excellence

Presenting Obama Kush S1, a strain that radiates sophistication and power much like its namesake. A self-cross of the eminent Obama Kush, this strain offers a taste of elite cannabis genetics, resulting in a full-bodied smoking experience that’s in a league of its own.

Obama Kush, known for its relaxing, meditative high and distinct grape and pine flavor profile, gives rise to Obama Kush S1. This progeny maintains the integrity of its parent, producing an intensified version of the original strain that’s potent and unique.

Presidential Parade of Terpenes and Aromas

As you delve into the terpene profile of Obama Kush S1, anticipate a parade of exquisite fragrances. A robust bouquet of ripe grapes, accented by the crisp freshness of pine, creates a compelling contrast that’s both soothing and invigorating.

A Powerful High to Rule Them All

From the first draw of Obama Kush S1, a flavor sensation of grape and pine engulfs the palate, setting the stage for the high. The high is powerful and profound, starting with a cerebral upliftment that clears the mind and boosts creativity, followed by a potent body relaxation that ushers in tranquility.

Strains Sharing the Presidential Quality

If you’re captivated by the power and elegance of Obama Kush S1, you might also enjoy the potent relaxation of Granddaddy Purple, the stimulating effects of Jack Herer, or the balanced high of Blue Dream.

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Ready to sample the presidential power of Obama Kush S1? Look no further than Seedsherenow.com, the USA’s top seed bank, ensuring premium quality seeds and a wide variety of strains.

Introducing Obama Kush S1 by CSI Humboldt: a sophisticated and powerful cannabis strain that embodies the charisma and elegance of its namesake. This remarkable cultivar showcases the best of the iconic Obama Kush, enhanced through the stability of S1 genetics. Feast your eyes on the striking deep purple and forest green hues, complemented by frosty trichomes that envelop the dense, fragrant buds of Obama Kush S1.

Delight in the complex aroma and flavor profile of this strain, featuring a harmonious blend of earthy pine, sweet grape, and a touch of spicy pepper. Obama Kush S1 delivers a potent, well-balanced experience, offering both cerebral stimulation and profound physical relaxation.

Ideal for medicinal users seeking relief from stress, pain, and insomnia or recreational enthusiasts in search of introspection and tranquility, Obama Kush S1 by CSI Humboldt is the perfect companion for those moments when you need to unwind and reflect.

  • Yield: low
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