Compound Genetics – Stay Puft {FEM} [13pk]


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  • Compound Genetics - Stay Puft {FEM} [13pk]
  • Lineage: Marshmallow 0G x Grape Ga
  • Category: Feminized Seeds
  • Seed Count: 13 Seeds
  • Stay Puft charms with its plush, marshmallow-like buds that are pale green in color, enveloped in a dense layer of sparkling white trichomes that resemble a frosty snowfall. The aroma is a delightful mix of sweet marshmallow and intense grape, providing a unique and memorable olfactory experience. Marshmallow OG imparts its namesake?s sweet, creamy notes, making it a perfect complement to the potent, fruity blast from Grape Gas. This combination crafts a strain that is as enchanting to smell as it is to behold. For those seeking a unique and visually appealing strain, Stay Puft seeds are your go-to choice at!


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Breeder Certified Genetics
Breeder Certified Genetics

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Compound Genetics – Stay Puft

Marshmallow 0G × Grape Gas

13 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

These are minimal packs! Snag a pack before they’re gone.

 About the Origins of the Stay Puft Strain

Prepare to embark on a journey through the fascinating origins of the great Stay Puft strain. Created by the skilled breeders at Compound Genetics, this exceptional hybrid results from a careful combination of two legendary parent strains: Marshmallow O.G. and Grape Gas.

Marshmallow O.G., also known as Marshmallow OG Kush, is a strain that pays homage to its Kush lineage. This remarkable cultivar is the offspring of Triangle Kush, a potent and iconic strain known for its relaxing effects and an unknown strain. The precise origins of Marshmallow O.G.’s mysterious counterpart remain shrouded in secrecy, adding an air of intrigue to this great strain’s heritage.

Including Triangle Kush in Marshmallow O.G.’s genetics ensures a strong foundation of potency and relaxation. Triangle Kush is renowned for its ability to induce a profoundly calming and tranquil state, melting away stress and tension with its euphoric embrace. This impressive parent strain contributes not only to its potent effects but also to its distinct and spicy aroma, which adds to the allure of Marshmallow O.G.

Moving on to the other parent strain, Grape Gas brings a unique set of genetics and characteristics. This hybrid is the offspring of Grape Pie and O.G. Chem, two strains that have made their marks in the cannabis world. Grape Pie is celebrated for its delightful grape aroma, which provides a burst of fruity sweetness that captivates the senses. Onon the other handOG Chem , brings a fuel-like undertone to the mix, adding depth and complexity to the strain’s fragrance.

Combining Grape Pie and O.G. Chem results in the creation of Grape Gas, a strain that not only boasts an enchanting aroma but also offers a high that uplifts the mind and relaxes the body. Grape Gas’s effects are characterized by a sense of uplifted relaxation and mental clarity, allowing users to experience a delightful balance between tranquility and focus.

Now, let’s delve into the fascinating union of Marshmallow O.G. and Grape Gas that brings forth the extraordinary Stay Puft strain. The breeders at Compound Genetics meticulously crossed these two exceptional cultivars, carefully selecting parent plants that showcased the desired traits and characteristics they sought to combine.

The goal was to create a strain that would embody the best of both worlds—the potent relaxation of Marshmallow O.G. and the uplifting high of Grape Gas. Compound Genetics succeeded in their mission through their expertise in breeding and unwavering commitment to excellence, giving birth to Stay Puft, a strain that truly lives up to its name.

Stay Puft inherits the relaxing properties of Marshmallow O.G., offering a profoundly calming and soothing experience. This strain embraces the mind and body, washing away worries and stress with its euphoric embrace. At the same time, it also carries the uplifting and clarifying effects of Grape Gas, promoting mental clarity and focus. This harmonious balance of products makes Stay Puft a sought-after strain among enthusiasts seeking relaxation without sacrificing mental acuity.

In summary, the origins of Stay Puft can be traced back to the carefully selected parent strains Marshmallow O.G. and Grape Gas. The combination of Triangle Kush, Grape Pie, and O.G. Chem genetics results in a strain that offers a captivating aroma, delightful flavors, and a harmonious balance of uplifting and relaxing effects. Compound Genetics’ expertise and dedication to excellence shine through in creating this exceptional hybrid, inviting enthusiasts to embark on a cannabis experience unlike any other.

Terpene Profile and Aromas 

Prepare to indulge your senses in the delightful terpene profile and captivating aromas of Stay Puft. This exceptional hybrid presents a symphony of flavors and scents to entice even the most discerning connoisseurs.

The terpene profile of Stay Puft is characterized by a delightful blend of sweet, floral, and grape aromas. It features dominant terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Myrcene contributes to the strain’s herbal and earthy notes, adding depth and complexity to the aroma. Limonene brings a burst of citrus, infusing the air with a refreshing and invigorating quality. Caryophyllene adds a touch of spiciness reminiscent of cloves and pepper.

As you open a jar of Stay Puft, you’ll be greeted by a captivating aroma combining sweet, floral, and grape notes. The fragrance is both enticing and stimulating, inviting you to explore the delightful flavors that await.

Smoking Experience

Get ready for an extraordinary smoking experience with Stay Puft. As you inhale its smooth and flavorful smoke, a wave of relaxation and euphoria washes over you, transporting you to bliss.

Stay Puft offers a harmonious blend of effects that combine the profoundly relaxing properties of Marshmallow O.G. with the uplifting high of Grape Gas. The high begins with calm and tranquility that gently eases the mind and body. As the experience deepens, a feeling of euphoria and happiness envelops you, promoting blissful relaxation.

Each puff of Stay Puft reveals a delightful fusion of flavors that dance on your palate. The sweet, floral, grape notes from its terpene profile come together, creating a genuinely pleasurable taste experience. Allow yourself to savor each inhale and exhale, immersing yourself in Stay Puft’s captivating flavors.

If you’re captivated by the allure of Stay Puft, you may also enjoy other strains with similar genetics, such as Marshmallow O.G. and Grape Gas. These strains offer their unique variations while showcasing the exceptional qualities that make Stay Puft so extraordinary.

Where to Buy Stay Puft Strain Seeds

To acquire authentic Stay Puft strain seeds, look no further than the official website of As a trusted and reputable seed company, they are dedicated to providing high-quality cannabis seeds to enthusiasts and cultivators.

Explore their website and discover a wide selection of exceptional strains, including the Stay Puft strain. With their commitment to quality and their expertise in breeding, you can be confident that you’ll receive seeds of the highest caliber.

SeedsHereNow ensures discreet and secure shipping, protecting your privacy and carefully delivering your seeds. When it comes to acquiring the finest Stay Puft strain seeds, Compound Genetics is your ultimate destination.

Compound Genetics: Chris Lynch’s Legacy of Exceptional Strains

Under the guidance of renowned breeder Chris Lynch, Compound Genetics has established itself as a trailblazer in cannabis breeding. Their portfolio boasts a wide range of exceptional strains that showcase Lynch’s expertise and dedication to genetic innovation.

One remarkable example is their legendary strain of Apples and Bananas. With its distinct aroma reminiscent of freshly picked fruits and a well-balanced cannabinoid profile, Apples and Bananas have become a favorite among enthusiasts. This strain epitomizes Compound Genetics’ ability to create unique and memorable genetics.

Another standout creation is Pave, a strain that exemplifies Lynch’s meticulous breeding techniques. Known for its dense buds, high resin production, and potent effects, Pave has gained popularity among connoisseurs seeking a robust and enjoyable cannabis experience. It represents Compound Genetics’ commitment to crafting strains that consistently exceed expectations.

Fish Scale, yet another triumph from Compound Genetics, is renowned for its visually striking appearance and special effects. With its sparkling trichomes and captivating aroma, Fish Scale exemplifies Lynch’s ability to create visually stunning strains that deliver an unmatched sensory experience.

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