Compound Genetics – Double UP {FEM} [3pk]


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  • Compound Genetics - Double UP {FEM} [3pk]
  • Lineage: Mellowz x Gastro Pop
  • Category: Feminized Seeds
  • Seed Count: 3 Seeds
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Double UP boasts a striking visual presence with dense, frosted buds speckled with hues of purple and green, exuding a rich, earthy aroma complemented by subtle notes of sweet berries and a hint of spice. This strain is meticulously developed by Compound Genetics, known for their innovative breeding techniques and high-quality cannabis seeds. Mellowz, a parent of Double UP, carries a lineage celebrated for its soothing aroma and visually appealing buds. Gastro Pop, another integral part of this hybrid, is renowned for its unique aromatic profile and strong genetic background. Together, they create a strain that stands out in any collection. Dive into the world of premium genetics and elevate your garden with Double UP seeds available at


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Breeder Certified Genetics
Breeder Certified Genetics

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Double Up (Mellowz x Gastro Pop)

Sativa Dominant | 8-10 Weeks | 25%-30% 

Terpenes: Terpinolene, Ocimene, Limonene

Effects: Energized, Euphoric, Focused, Creative, Uplifted

Origins of Double-Up Strain

The Double Up strain is a magnificent blend resulting from a careful and strategic pairing of two iconic strains – Mellowz and Gastro Pop. To truly understand the magic Double Up brings to the table, it’s essential to delve deeper into its lineage and acknowledge the beauty of its parent strains.

Mellowz, the mother strain, is revered in the cannabis world for its subtle and gentle effects. Many users have touted it as the perfect strain for those moments of calm and relaxation. Its signature mellow high is what it lends to the Double Up strain, creating an underlying soothing effect that balances out the more intense components of its partner strain.

Mellowz boasts a predominantly indica genetic makeup, known for its soothing and calming properties. It is a favorite among users seeking to unwind after a long day or those seeking relief from physical discomfort. Its effects are characterized by a gentle wave of relaxation that washes over the body, releasing tensions and promoting an overall state of tranquility. The earthy, sweet, and slightly fruity aroma of Mellowz strain adds to the overall soothing experience, engaging the senses and setting the stage for the calming high.

Conversely, Gastro Pop, the father strain, is quite the contrast. It’s recognized for its strong and potent high, often associated with euphoria and happiness. Users have described the Gastro Pop Strain experience as a wave of uplifting energy that floods the mind, providing a burst of creativity and heightened focus. This makes Gastro Pop a favored choice among those looking for a strain to help ignite that creative spark or boost energy when needed.

Gastro Pop carries a distinctive aromatic profile. It envelops you with a rich, sweet, and earthy aroma, with hints of spicy notes in the background. This complex blend of scents offers an exciting precursor to the Gastro Pop strain experience, giving users an indication of the invigorating journey they’re about to embark on. Gastro Pop contributes this potent high and unique aroma to the Double Up strain, playing an integral role in the overall user experience.

The cross-breeding of Mellowz strain and Gastro Pop strain led to the inception of the Double Up strain. It is the perfect concoction, striking an impressive balance between the calming effects of Mellowz and the potent euphoria of Gastro Pop. What this means for users is an intriguing interplay of relaxation and happiness. The initial high from Double Up strain is a sense of joy and uplifted mood, characteristic of its Gastro Pop lineage. But as the high progresses, users experience the soothing effects passed on from Mellowz, wrapping up the experience with calm and relaxation.

The harmony between the parent strains is evident not only in the effects of Double Up strain but also in its aromatic profile. It beautifully marries the sweet, earthy aroma of Mellowz with the rich, complex scent of Gastro Pop. This results in a unique fragrance – sweet yet earthy with spicy undertones, making for a sensory delight.

The creation of the Double Up strain is a testament to the innovation and creativity that drives the cannabis industry. It’s an extraordinary blend, bringing together the best of two strains to offer users an experience that is uniquely refreshing and soothing. As we light up a joint of Double Up, we’re not just enjoying its rich aroma and effects but also appreciating the journey it’s taken to reach us – a journey marked by the diligence of breeders and the remarkable lineage of its parent strains. It’s a strain that stands tall, carrying forward the legacy of Mellowz and Gastro Pop while creating its mark in the world of cannabis.

Terpene Profile and Aromas

The terpene profile of the Double Up strain features a significant presence of Terpinolene, Ocimene, and Limonene. Terpinolene imparts a complex aroma with notes of pine, floral, herbaceous, and even a slight hint of citrus. Ocimene contributes to the sweet and herbaceous aroma, whereas Limonene adds a punch of citrus, which rejuvenates the senses.

One whiff of Double Up strain is enough to transport you to a serene forest, with a cool breeze carrying the scent of pine, interspersed with the smell of sweet herbs and a refreshing citrus twist. The experience is exciting and calming, setting the tone for the following journey.

Smoke Report

Smoking Double Up strain is an experience you’d cherish. The draw is easy and smooth, filling the lungs with a pleasant blend of sweet, floral, and citrus flavors, complimented by an underlying earthy tone. It’s like an enchanted walk in a mystical forest, where every breath you take makes you feel more alive and focused.

The euphoric high settles in quickly, igniting a creative spark and an intense focus. As the euphoria slowly fades, you’re left with a feeling of calmness as the Mellowz in Double Up starts working its magic.

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Where to Buy Double-Up Seeds?

For those looking to buy Double Up seeds, is your best bet. The website has been a trusted seed bank in the U.S.A. for over a decade, assuring safety, privacy, and top-notch genetics in your purchase.

Double Up

How does Double Up Strain Compare?

When compared to other strains, Double Up boasts a relatively high THC percentage and an average flowering period. It promises a potent sativa high in about 8-10 weeks, a worthy choice for users looking for a potent and refreshing strain.

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From The Breeder

Double Up

Mellowz x Gastro Pop

8-9 weeks |27-30%

Bubblegum, candy, fruit, and citrus to kerosene and industrial chemicals.

Mellowz #8 is a nearly perfect plant. However, this cross may have taken it to the next level. The resulting bud is some of the very best we have ever seen. Dark purple, insane trichome coverage, and delicious terps. Ranging from bubblegum, candy, fruit, and citrus to kerosene and industrial chemicals. Many selections have increased yields to this cross’s Mellowz #8 selection. Buds have enlarged calyxes and a prominent apical bud that often elongates, although they don’t tend to foxtail too much. It was a pleasure to hunt through this cross, and we look forward to seeing your winners!

  • Yield: average
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