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Cannarado Genetics – Weed Nap

TK91 x Sundae Driver

6 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Origins of the Weed Nap Strain

Unwind with the ultimate relaxation of Weed Nap, an indulgent creation by Cannarado Genetics. This balanced hybrid strain is born from the cross-breeding of the potent TK91 and the smooth Sundae Driver, promising a calming and restful cannabis experience with every puff.

The mother strain, TK91, is celebrated for its potent effects and earthy, piney aroma. It’s like a powerful whisper in a tranquil forest, offering deep relaxation and peacefulness.

The father strain, Sundae Driver, is adored for its calming effects and sweet, creamy flavors. It’s like a sundae on a lazy afternoon, delivering relaxation and satisfaction.

Terpene Profile and Aromas

Weed Nap showcases a relaxing terpene profile that includes Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. Limonene imparts a zesty citrus flavor, Myrcene adds a sweet, earthy note, and Caryophyllene contributes a spicy warmth.

The aroma of Weed Nap is a comforting blend of the forest’s tranquility and a sweet dessert. The air is filled with a delightful mix of earthy pine, zesty citrus, and creamy sweetness, creating a truly soothing sensory experience.

Smoke Report

When it comes to smoking Weed Nap, the experience is as calming and restful as the name suggests. The smoke is smooth and soothing, immersing you in a comforting blend of earthy pine, zesty citrus, and a hint of sweet cream.

The effects are as satisfying as a well-deserved nap. It starts with a sense of relaxation that gradually washes over you, transforming into a state of happiness and euphoria, before finally leaving you feeling uplifted and ready for a restful sleep.

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If Weed Nap has calmed your senses, you might also enjoy strains like Granddaddy Purple for its potent relaxation and berry, grape aroma, GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) for its balanced effects and cookie-like flavors, or Blue Dream for its robust flavor profile and balanced effects.

Where to Buy Weed Nap Seeds?

To embark on the soothing journey of Weed Nap, visit As the best seed bank in the U.S.A., they offer a diverse range of certified breeder genetics, promising the highest quality!

🌲 Weed Nap, an indulgent blend by Cannarado Genetics, offers a journey into relaxation, happiness, and sleepiness. With, your trusted source for certified breeder genetics, you can explore this soothing world. Let’s dive into the tranquility of Weed Nap. 🛌

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