Cannarado Genetics – Papaya Pound Cake {FEM} [6pk]


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Cannarado Genetics – Papaya Pound Cake


London Pound Cake 75 x Papaya




Product Title:


Papaya Pound Cake Cannabis Seeds by Cannarado Genetics


Product Short Description:

Cannarado Genetics brings to you Papaya Pound Cake, a splendid amalgamation of London Pound Cake 75 and Papaya, promising a world of rich flavors, enthralling aromas, and a high that will have you floating in the clouds!


Product Detailed Description:


Papaya Pound Cake by Cannarado Genetics is an exquisite indica dominant hybrid, merging the creamy sweetness of London Pound Cake 75 with the tropical touch of Papaya. This strain’s alluring flavor profile and profound effects make it a must-have for every enthusiast.


Strain Details:
Indulge in the tropical sweetness juxtaposed with a creamy undertone, emphasized by dominant terpenes like Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene. The interplay of flavors and scents encapsulates the essence of tropical fruits and sweet pastries, offering a delightful experience.


Growing Information:
A hearty strain, Papaya Pound Cake has a flowering time of approximately 8-9 weeks. It’s well-suited for cultivators of all levels, delivering abundant, resin-rich buds that are a treat for the senses.


Effects and Flavor Profile:
Immerse yourself in a blissful state of relaxation and happiness with Papaya Pound Cake. The high is deeply calming and euphoric, with the creamy, fruity essence tickling your palate, making it an ideal companion for serene evenings.


Where to buy Cannarado Genetics’ Papaya Pound Cake cannabis seeds:
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“A sophisticated blend of flavors and a profound high, Papaya Pound Cake is a connoisseur’s dream come true!”
~ A Cannabis Connoisseur’s Review.


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  • Lineage: London Pound Cake 75 x Papaya
  • Sativa: 50%
  • Indica: 50%
  • Yield: average
  • Flavor/Terpene Makeup: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric
  • Grow Tips:
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