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Cannarado Genetics – Mumbles


ChemDawg 4 x TK91


10 Feminized Seeds Per Pack



Origins Of “Mumbles” Strain


Welcome to the captivating world of Mumbles, a fascinating hybrid strain expertly crafted by the seasoned artisans at Cannarado Genetics. This strain artfully combines the robust genetics of ChemDawg 4 and TK91, resulting in a delightful blend of relaxing, euphoric, and creative effects.


ChemDawg 4, celebrated for its potent effects and unique flavor profile, imbues Mumbles with these coveted traits. On the other hand, TK91, renowned for its relaxing and euphoric properties, enhances this captivating hybrid with its distinctive attributes.


The Potent Pungency of ChemDawg 4


ChemDawg 4, one of the parent strains of Mumbles, imparts its potent effects and unique flavor profile onto this compelling hybrid.


The Relaxing Euphoria of TK91


TK91, the other parent strain, enhances Mumbles with its relaxing and euphoric properties.


Terpene Profile and Aromas


Brimming with caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene, Mumbles offers an aromatic profile that’s earthy, citrusy, and subtly spicy.


Upon opening a jar of Mumbles, you’re met with a robust, earthy aroma that instantly soothes your senses. This calming scent is soon accompanied by a citrusy note, providing a delightful contrast to the earthy base. As the aromas linger, a subtle hint of spice adds an enticing complexity to the aromatic blend.


Smoke Report


Lighting up Mumbles reveals a flavorful smoke as nuanced as its aroma. The first puff delivers an earthy flavor that calms your senses. As the smoke unfolds, a citrusy note offers a refreshing contrast to the earthy base. As the smoke lingers, a spicy note subtly emerges, leaving an enticing aftertaste that keeps you coming back for more.


If You Like Mumbles Strain, You May Also Like These Strains


If the relaxing, euphoric, and creative experience of Mumbles resonates with you, strains such as Blue Dream, Jack Herer, and Sour Diesel might also pique your interest. These strains share similar terpene profiles and effects, promising a diverse selection of cannabis experiences to explore.


Where to Buy Mumbles Seeds?


Experience the relaxation and euphoria of Mumbles seeds. Purchase your seeds securely and conveniently at, the most trusted seed bank in the U.S.A. for over a decade.


Embark on a journey of relaxation, euphoria, and creativity with Mumbles. Trust, your reliable source for certified breeder genetics and high-quality seeds, for all your cannabis needs. Order your Mumbles seeds today and let the soothing journey begin.

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