Snow High Seeds – Kaleidos Dope


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Snow High Seeds – Kaleidos Dope

Sour LSD x OG Purple Fire Thai

Flower Cycle: 49-70 Days


THC: 18-24%

Yield: Above Average

5 seeds per pack

Kaleidos Dope strain plays on the Kaleidoscope name which is a cylinder which by looking into one end of the viewer light reflects a colorful pattern from the objects within. The name kaleidoscope is derived from the Greek word (kalos) meaning  beautiful, beauty and (eidos)that which is seen: form, shape though the instrument is the mind’s eye with the help of the Kaleidos Dope strain. Kaleidos Dope combines a very quick and frosty Sour LSD female with Snow Highs OG Purple Fire Thai (AKA: Lake County Purple Fire Thai) males.