Eazy Daze Cultivators – NM Tangie {AUTOFEM} [5pk]


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  • Eazy Daze Cultivators - NM Tangie {AUTOFEM} [5pk]
  • Lineage: Tangie Auto x Nancy Marie Auto
  • Category: Auto Feminized Seeds
  • Seed Count: 5 Seeds
  • NM Tangie blends the citrusy excellence of Tangie Auto with the robust genetics of Nancy Marie Auto, creating an autoflowering strain that’s as refreshing as a morning breeze. This strain flourishes rapidly, producing lush, vibrant plants with buds that sparkle with trichomes and emit a potent aroma of fresh tangerines. NM Tangie is the epitome of citrus in cannabis form, offering a tangy, uplifting experience that energizes the senses. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a zesty autoflower that combines quick growth with an invigorating flavor profile.


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Eazy Daze Cultivators – NM Tangie
Tangie Auto x Nancy Marie Auto
5 Feminized Autoflowering Seeds Per Pack

Origins of the NM Tangie Strain

Peel back the layers of the citrus-infused NM Tangie strain and you’ll discover a richly textured lineage that involves two exceptional strains – Tangie Auto and Nancy Marie Auto.

The Tangie Auto brings a vibrant citrus tang to the mix, thanks to its lineage tracing back to the much-loved California Orange and a Skunk hybrid. As an autoflowering variant, it brings speed and hardiness to the offspring. On the other hand, Nancy Marie Auto carries a profound heritage of diverse terpene profile, known for its robust growth and high resistance.

Bred by Eazy Daze Cultivators, NM Tangie stands as a testament to their skill in strain selection. With its flavorful lineage and autoflowering characteristics, NM Tangie truly has it all – it’s like your personal orange grove that never ceases to surprise.

Terpene Profile and Aromas of the NM Tangie Strain

Upon the first whiff of NM Tangie, you’ll be hit with a blast of bright citrus, making you feel like you’ve just walked into a sunny orange orchard. This is due to a high limonene content, which not only contributes to its uplifting aroma but also its cheerful and stress-relieving effects.

Beyond the zesty facade, subtle notes of earthy myrcene and spicy caryophyllene can also be detected. These round off the scent with a well-balanced depth, enriching the overall sensory experience.

Experiencing the NM Tangie Strain

With NM Tangie, you’re in for a smoke that’s as lively as it is flavorful. Just like the first time you tasted a ripe tangerine, the initial puff fills your mouth with a rush of tangy goodness, accompanied by subtle earthy undertones.

The high from NM Tangie is wonderfully balanced. You’ll first notice a gentle cerebral stimulation, a clarity of thought that sparks creativity and conversation. As time goes on, a comforting body high settles in, banishing physical discomfort without causing you to feel lethargic.

Similar Strains

Lovers of NM Tangie might find pleasure in exploring similar strains such as Tangie’matic and Auto Orange Bud. Both share the characteristic citrusy dominance and boast of autoflowering traits, ensuring a joyful experience for your senses and your garden.

Purchasing NM Tangie Seeds

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  • Yield: low
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