Eazy Daze Cultivators – Black Tie Auto {AUTOFEM} [5pk]


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  • Eazy Daze Cultivators - Black Tie Auto {AUTOFEM} [5pk]
  • Lineage: Fancy Beast Auto x Eazy T Auto
  • Category: Auto Feminized Seeds
  • Seed Count: 5 Seeds
  • Black Tie Auto from Eazy Daze Cultivators is an autoflowering marvel, combining Fancy Beast Auto with Eazy T Auto to create a strain that’s as elegant as it is powerful. This auto cultivates into compact, resilient plants that flourish quickly, producing buds that sparkle with a dense layer of trichomes against a backdrop of dark greens and purples. The aroma is refined, blending earthy tones with subtle hints of sweetness and spice, making Black Tie Auto the perfect choice for those who appreciate the sophistication and ease of autoflowering strains.

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Breeder Certified Genetics

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Eazy Daze Cultivators – Black Tie Auto

Fancy Beast Auto x Eazy T Auto

5 Feminized Autoflowering Seeds Per Pack

Origins of the Black Tie Auto Strain

Step into the high-class world of Black Tie Auto, a strain meticulously crafted by the experts at Eazy Daze Cultivators. This sophisticated strain is the progeny of two high-performance parents – Fancy Beast Auto and Eazy T Auto.

Fancy Beast Auto is a splendid strain known for its rapid growth and generous yield. On the other hand, Eazy T Auto is treasured for its durability, potency, and enticing flavor profile. The union of these strains has given birth to a variety that’s as refined as it is potent, providing a truly VIP cannabis experience.

Terpene Profile and Aromas of the Black Tie Auto Strain

The aromas of Black Tie Auto are a delightful blend of earthy myrcene, sweet caryophyllene, and sharp limonene. The dominant scent is an earthy musk, akin to a walk through a forest after a fresh rain. Intertwined with this is a spicy hint of caryophyllene and a citrus zing of limonene, offering a multi-dimensional scent experience.

Experiencing the Black Tie Auto Strain

With Black Tie Auto, every smoke session feels like a black-tie event. From the first puff, you’ll appreciate its smooth, silky smoke, accompanied by an earthy flavor that dances with sweet, citrus notes.

Upon lighting, Black Tie Auto reveals its true strength. The high begins as a cerebral uplift, sparking creativity and conversation. As the high develops, a full-bodied relaxation sets in, providing a holistic high that wraps you in comforting warmth.

Similar Strains

If the elegance of Black Tie Auto has piqued your interest, you may also enjoy other autoflowering strains such as Auto Amnesia and Auto Northern Lights. Both these strains are renowned for their potency, speed of growth, and robustness.

Purchasing Black Tie Auto Seeds

When you’re ready to embrace the luxury of Black Tie Auto, head over to SeedsHereNow.com. They’re the best seed bank in the USA, providing top-quality cannabis seeds for your garden.

  • Yield: low
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