Bless Coast Seeds – Titans Katana {REG} [10pk]


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  • Bless Coast Seeds - Titans Katana {REG} [10pk]
  • Lineage: ECSD x Samurai Sour F2
  • Category: Regular Seeds
  • Seed Count: 10 Seeds
  • Titans Katana slices through the ordinary with its sharply defined, dense buds that are saturated with a glistening layer of trichomes. The aroma is a dynamic mixture of diesel and a tangy, sour finish, offering an intense and unforgettable sensory experience. Bless Coast Seeds has engineered this strain to combine the best attributes of both parents, ensuring a robust and aromatic profile. Incorporating the pungent power of ECSD, known for its energizing diesel aroma, with the vibrant zest of Samurai Sour F2, Titans Katana is a formidable hybrid. It?s crafted for those who crave a strong, flavorful hit that invigorates the senses and cuts through the noise.


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Titans Katana – (ECSD x Samurai Sour F2) {REG} [10pk]

Sativa Dominant | 9-12 weeks | 20%-25% 

-Prominent Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene

Effects: Energetic, Creative, Euphoric

Katana, the exceptional cannabis strain created by Bless Coast Seeds, represents the next step in pursuing the perfect Sour Diesel. Titans Katana, the result of years of dedicated work, showcases remarkable growth speed and vigor, allowing for ample canopy development without requiring extensive vegetative time. One can expect a range of acrid sourness and OG funk within the phenotypes, with a predominant leaning towards the Sour D side. This meticulously crafted line, refined through inbreeding and strategic outcrossing within the Sour D gene pool, has given birth to an improved representation of Sour Diesel in seed form.

Katana by Bless Coast Seeds truly encapsulates the beloved qualities of Sour Diesel while boasting its unique characteristics. Its flavor profile is a testament to its distinction, characterized by a lingering sour and acrid funk that tantalizes the palate. The potent and distinctive scent emanates an alluring fusion of fuel-like notes and earthy undertones.

The aroma of Katana is an intoxicating blend of sourness and acrid funk, reminiscent of its Sour and OG heritage. Its powerful presence exudes a fuel-like fragrance accompanied by earthy nuances, intertwining with the strain’s signature sourness. This harmonious fusion creates an enticing olfactory journey, enhancing the overall allure of Katana.

Notably, Katana exhibits exceptional vigor and resilience, making it highly regarded among cultivators. It boasts an improved leaf-to-calyx ratio, minimizing the need for extensive trimming. Cultivators can anticipate generous yields of dense, resinous buds that embody the strain’s potent and sought-after qualities.

Katana’s potency surpasses the average Sour Diesel, a testament to the breeders’ meticulous selection and genetic refinement. The enhanced power elevates the overall experience, offering a captivating high that resonates with cannabis enthusiasts seeking elevated effects.

  • Flower time 9-12 weeks, depending on genotype
  • Sex-Regular
  • Yield-very high

Introducing Titans Katana

Dive into the world of potent, high-quality cannabis with Titans Katana from Bless Coast Seeds. This sativa-dominant hybrid, a prodigious offspring of East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD) and Samurai Sour F2, promises an energetic and euphoric high. Its potency and sativa attributes make it the perfect companion for creative endeavors or a social night out.

The lineage of Titans Katana

A splendid combination of two revered strains, Titans Katana holds a distinguished lineage. Its mother strain, ECSD, is renowned for its fast-acting sativa effects that give a dreamy cerebral feeling. On the other hand, Samurai Sour F2, the father strain, is loved for its uplifting effects and sour citrus flavor, contributing significantly to the rich terpene profile of Titans Katana.

Terpene and Aroma of Titans Katana

Titans Katana boasts a remarkable terpene profile primarily consisting of Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. When you break the buds open, you’re greeted by a lively citrusy aroma that jogs the memory back to sunny summer days. Upon closer inspection, you’ll also detect an undercurrent of earthy pine and spice, a testament to its complex terpene profile. It’s like walking through an orchard of lemons with a spice market just around the corner!

Structure of Titans Katana

Titans Katana’s structure exhibits sativa-dominance with its tall plants and slender leaves. The bright green buds are dusted with a generous coating of resinous crystals and are punctuated by orange pistils. This strain prefers a warm, sunny environment and can be grown indoors and outdoors. Pro tip: ensure ample vertical space for the plant to reach its full potential, like a samurai going for his Katana.

Effects of Titans Katana

With its Sativa-dominance, Titans Katana delivers an energetic and uplifting high. The onset begins with a cerebral rush, sparking creativity and euphoria. It’s like catching a solid wave of inspiration while surfing the creative oceans, making it an ideal choice for artists and thinkers.

Growing Titans Katana

Growing Titans Katana can be an exciting endeavor for cultivators, as it prefers a warm climate and can thrive indoors and outdoors. It has a flowering time of 7-9 weeks and is moderately resistant to pests and diseases. This strain is relatively easy to grow, making it suitable for novices and experienced growers.

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The Smoke Report

Smoking Titans Katana is like setting off on a thrilling journey. The smoke is smooth and flavorful, with a tangy citrus taste that lingers on the palate. The euphoric high kicks in swiftly, conjuring a whirlwind of creativity and energy, like finding yourself in the middle of a lively carnival.

Buy Titans Katana Cannabis Seeds

In summary, Titans Katana is a spectacular strain for those who love an uplifting and creative high. Its distinct lineage, rich terpene profile, and vigorous effects make it a stellar choice for all cannabis enthusiasts. Head over to Seeds Here Now to get these top-quality seeds today.

Remember, to cultivate the best cannabis, treat your plants like pets. Each has its personality and needs. Nurture them, and they will reward you abundantly. So, pull out that green thumb, and let’s grow with Titans Katana from Seeds Here Now!

  • Yield: low

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