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Blackbird Preservations – Francola

Franco’s SLH x CC/RB BC2

15 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Blackbird Preservations – Francola Strain 🌱

Origins and Lineage of Francola Strain 🌿

Blackbird Preservation’s Francola strain is an enticing fusion of Franco’s SLH and CC/RB BC2. This unique strain is rich with history and qualities that set it apart from others.

Franco’s SLH, an homage to Franco Loja of Green House Seeds, is a version of the iconic Super Lemon Haze. The other parent, CC/RB BC2, brings forth its own set of unique traits, contributing to Francola’s appealing profile.

Enticing Aromas and Terpene Profile of Francola 🍃

One whiff of Francola and you’re transported to a citrus grove during the height of the season. The fragrance is a combination of zesty lemon and sweet fruit, reminiscent of a lemon meringue pie.

The terpene profile is just as enticing, dominated by Limonene, which gives the strain its citrusy aroma. There are also notes of other fruits and subtle hints of earthiness, creating a balanced and refreshing bouquet.

The Smoking Experience of Francola 🍁

When you light up Francola, the first thing you’ll notice is the delicious tang of citrus that coats your palate. It’s complemented by a subtle sweetness, just like biting into a ripe, juicy fruit.

The high starts with an uplifting cerebral buzz, sparking creativity and boosting your mood. As the effects progress, you’ll start to feel a relaxing sensation that doesn’t weigh you down but leaves you in a state of serene tranquility.

If You Enjoy Francola, You Might Also Like… 🌿

Fans of Francola’s citrus profile and uplifting effects will also appreciate strains like Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel. These strains boast similar citrusy flavors and offer an invigorating and mood-enhancing high.

The Best Place to Purchase Francola Seeds?! 🎁

For top-quality Francola seeds, is the go-to seed bank in the USA. Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or a cannabis enthusiast eager to try new strains, we’ve got you covered.

  • Yield: low
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