Best Coast Genetics – Seats Taken {REG} [5pk]


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Best Coast Genetics: Seats Taken

Lineage: Banana OG x ( A5 haze x BT7)

Flower Time: 55-65 Days

Sex: Regular 

Seed Count: 5 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Seats Taken is a marriage of classic OG Kush and Haze. It’s know for its incredible mouth-watering fruit punch aroma with undertones of ripe sweet banana and dank tropical fruit. The ideal companion for a lazy day taking hold instantly with its euphoric disorienting high. This strain is not suited to novices because of its overwhelming strength and is best enjoyed by those wanting to surrender to a full body narcotic high. 

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  1. m.thompson108

    Thanks be to DGC and SHN for these! I had 2 pheno expressions. Good for a mini hunt to find a true winner. All were hardy, fairly compact, had no leaf discoloration, no picky feeders, just easy plants. Good hybrid vigor, fast growth. My most exotic ‘keeper cut’ has long electric neon colas and orange hairs. It looks nothing like the pic. Other plants look similar to above. Individual plant’s buds vary from smaller- medium size, all are dense and chonky. All smell like citrus zest, ripe fruit! What it lacks in stability it makes up in impressive variety. Would grow out again.

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