SeedsHereNow | Free Shipping on High-Quality Cannabis Seeds 🌱

calendar July 6, 2023
SeedsHereNow | Free Shipping on High-Quality Cannabis Seeds 🌱

🌿 Welcome, Fellow Green Thumbs! 🌿

Hello there, plant enthusiasts! This is James Bean, your friendly guide and the big bud behind SeedsHereNow. 🌱 I want to extend my most heartfelt thanks to all you amazing cannabis connoisseurs who’ve chosen to grow with us. 🤝

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just embarking on your unique journey into the vibrant world of weed, we’re thrilled to be a part of your adventure. 🚀 Without you, there would be no us, and we wouldn’t have the opportunity to do what we love most – delivering top-notch, dank seeds right to your doorstep. 🚪

📦 Enjoy FREE Shipping On Your Seeds! 📦

Now, on to some exciting news! You know that feeling of relaxation after a long day, where you kick back, light up, and don’t have a single worry in the world? 😎 We want your shopping experience with us to be just as effortless.

So here’s the scoop: When you spend $100 or more on our site (pre-shipping, mind you), I’ll personally ensure those precious seeds get delivered to you absolutely FREE of charge, via First Class Domestic Shipping. 🚚 It’s like your seeds are getting the VIP treatment, and you’re receiving the ultimate peace of mind. 🕊️

That’s right, no calculations, no stress, just high-quality seeds taking a first-class trip straight to your doorstep. 🌟 When you’re high, the only thing you should be contemplating is whether to go for the Doritos or the Funyuns (spoiler alert: the answer is both). 😉

So feel free to fill your cart with the abundance of our botanical treasures. 🛒 And when you hit that magic $100 mark, rest easy knowing that I’ve got your back on the shipping. 🎁

🌱 Together, We Grow 🌱

Remember, this is more than just a business to me, it’s a thriving community. And in this community, we take care of each other. So, here’s to you – the growers, the dreamers, the stoners – you’re the heartbeat of SeedsHereNow, and for that, I am eternally grateful. 💚

Let’s continue growing together,

James Bean,
Owner, SeedsHereNow


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