Another East Coast breeder, Top Dawg is responsible for Tres Dawg, Star Dawg, and JJ’s Nigerian Haze, to name a few. Top Dawg’s strains took off in the early 2000s while breeding with the original Chemdawg, preserving underground genetics in NYC. From there, he’s pushed the envelope with the exploration of Chem and Haze genetics, producing strains that stand up to many of the most esteemed varieties.

The above list does not come close to capturing the world of breeders in the cannabis community. These breeders have been selected for their dedication to the plant and the community, but there are many more out there like them. Knowing the true source of your genetics allows you to fully appreciate the strain beyond the grower who planted the seed, so next time you try a strain you love, remember there’s a breeder behind it that raised it with care over generations.

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