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Bred by JJ NYC
New York City USA
Established 2000s

JJ NYC from Top Dawg Seeds has always been held in high regards for assembling some of the world’s finest cultivars from the East Coast. With a library of the hottest and most potent cannabis cuts.

Top Dawg is responsible for Tres Dawg, Star Dawg, and JJ’s Nigerian Haze, to name a few. Top Dawg’s strains took off in the early 2000s while breeding with the original Chemdog, preserving underground genetics in NYC. From there, he’s pushed the envelope with the exploration of Chem and Haze genetics, producing strains that stand up to many of the most esteemed varieties.

Lines created from original, real, verified Chemdog genetics

Breeders of award winning medical connoisseur cultivars

Star Dawg, Guava, White Dawg, Tres Dawg, Nigerian Haze, African Haze, ONYCD, Sour Dawg, I-95

Over 30 Years Experience

2011 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup

High Times Breeder Hall of Fame


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Coming soon

Strain archive

This is a place to showcase the breeder’s past breeding work. If it is marked retired, it will not come back. However, if it’s marked “out of stock,” Sign up for the “out of stock” list, on the product page, and be the first to know when it comes back in.

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