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I'm Mike Strait Jr., a second generations cannabis grower, first generation breeder and lover of all things cannabis related! I got started breeding a little over 5 years ago by using a male I found in a tester pack from a buddy of mine who gave me permission to use the best male in the bunch. I pollinated a clone only cut of Blue Cookies with Fruitopia aka (Tangerine Power x Golden Strawberries) male to make my first ever strain "Bluetopia". That first pollen chuck was all it took to get my passion going for breeding. I took those to f2 and found a beautiful male to use and made a few outcrosses, one of which was my Blue Cherries line, which is (Mendocino Marachino f1 x Bluetopia f2). I found an incredible male in that line that I've used to make my most notable creations as of yet