Pacific Northwest Roots

Bred by Ras Kaya Paul and Phil “PV”
Tahuya and Olalla Washington USA
Established 2010


We are a legacy brand that practices regenerative and natural farming. We have been growing herbs over 25 years, we specialize in Hash and believe cannabis is a sacrament.


  • Creator of Kaya's Koffee
  • Hamma Hamma, Platinum Alien OG, Freeze


  • 2018 Seattle Dope Cup sweep Kaya’s Koffee #1 and Yamaka #2
  • Hightimes Seattle 2014 3rd place flower
  • Hightimes Worldest Strongest Weed 2014

Breeding Projects

Collabs with GreenSourceGardens

Kaya’s Koffee (f7)

The flagship of PacificNwRoots is Kaya’s Koffee. It’s an Elite strain that checks all boxes for grow-ability, terps and effects. Known for its resilience in the field, this powerhouse delivers every time. She makes exceptional hash and the flowers are immaculate. These seeds were bred over generations in southern Oregon via GreensourceGardens. We dare to say it’s the best strain in the world!


(Kaya’s Koffee (f6) x CherryLotus (f3)
This extremely high yielding cultivar throws beautiful, easy to trim nugs. Sharp notes of Myrcene and lingering gas notes persists with hint of hashy caryophylene. We think the world needs to be happy and chill more, this strain will help!


Kaya’s Koffee (f6) x CherryLimeDog (f3)
This new terp heavy variety carries the uniformity of the koffee’s stablized genes and adds some funky sharp lime over tones.
Thanks to Meangene, Biovortex, and Kaya for all contributing to this lovely strain

Collab w/ MoonGazerFarms


There is a wook in southern Oregon known for his natural farming and hash, KirkKush created the RazCreamCake and the good folks at MoonGazer farms married her to Koffee(f6) in the hills of NorCal to create this unique and stunning cultivar. Her dazzling looks and indescribable terps will leave most farms in disbelief

Collab with HeartRockMountain

Double cross! Two cultivars in 1 box

  • VelvetKoffee: Koffee (f6) x VelvetPurps (f8)
  • KoffeeVelvet: VelvetPurps x Koffee (f6)


GorillaGlue x Koffee(f2)

Two legendary strains combine to create this beauty. Structure, terps, color… this one’s got it all. 9-10 weeks bloom time and much expect bigger yields than GG

Krackin Kush

(SofaKing Kush x Hamma Hamma)
The newest keeper in our stable has the WOW factor in terms of terps. There is an old school funk which tickles the senses and keeps me thinking about it hours later. Finishes in 8 weeks, throwing chunky, easy to trim hugs. We enjoy the smoke and the hash return on it was 6.2%…
It honestly my new fav, I can’t stop going back to the jar! Credit in this selection goes to the @BeerdedKrakin


Kaya’s Koffee (f1) original x HammaHamma (f2)
Our flagship original Kaya’s Koffee hit with the newest filial male from our prized HammaHamma. Hamma is our top strain, checking all the boxes for producers and consumers. Easy to grow, great bag appeal, awesome terps with classic afghan flavor with hints of cinnamon. Narcotic effects and yields 7+% on fresh frozen hash


WatermelonSour x Koffee(f5)
Our little group of DEM pure farmers have stumbled into a fantasy land of sorts, where new terpene expressions are combing with stunning looks to create living art. These Watermelon Koffee plants are just the latest stunning example.
Pink pistols are so hot right now!

Collab w StaeFli

Leftover Cake

WeddingCake x Koffee(f5)
If your into massive kholas dripping with trichs, look no further. This is a cash croppers wet dream…with the freebie CherryKoffDropz, forget about…


RoyalCherryKush x Koffee (f5)


Watermelon Koffee

Koffee Limedog F1
Happy Chillmore
Happy Chillmore


Krackin Kush