Indian Landrace Exchange

Established 2019

Indian Landrace Exchange was founded in 2015 with a vision nothing short of a, Landrace renaissance, which brings a new wave of understanding about these building blocks of the modern hybridized medical cannabis.

Indian Landrace Exchange is a collective of Indigenous frontline farmers, seed collectors, and preservationists from Central and south east Asia Who collect, document, preserve, select and strive to improve these landrace and heirloom Genetics for the present and future, yet constantly strive to empower the Indigenous Communities through a holistic Landrace exchange program, which connects The East to The west, on a “Silk route to salvation” of Cannabis Genes. Our Existence as a collective is an Organic by-product of a healthy, prosperous and symbiotic relationship with cannabis regions and tl1eir inhabitants, who allow us to visit year on year and hunt/gather the seeds to record important data for everyone in tl1e cannabis community and beyond. Our relationship as an exchange between both of these worlds serves as a seamless pathway to learn, appreciate their world.

We have been collecting and distributing pure Landrace seed varieties to the Breeders all over the world for last 5+ Years with detailed documentation on those varieties.

Indian Landrace Exchange bas featured on the cover story of Dope Magazine in July 2018 issue.

Collecting, Documenting, Preservation, Selection and Improvement of Landrace and Heirloom strains from around the world.

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