Coastal Seed Company is run in Santa Cruz County by Kagyu, with the goal of preserving landrace and heirloom varieties.

Coastal Seed Co. views seeds as being the sacred keepers of genetic wisdom. They are not the fire starters, but they are among the flame bearers, with the goal of preserving the past while kindling the future. Breeding is tertiary to their preservation work. Seed increases to their heirloom and land-race stock lead to some amazing F1’s when they throw modern day classics into the mix. This not only provides Coastal with a plethora of amazing flavor and vigor, it simultaneously teaches them so much about our foundation stock. There is too much to be accomplished in one lifetime, preservation work is inter-generational. Coastal Seed Company invites you to be a part of their vision and, contribute to the research, development and preservation of their international cultural heritage that is truly the healing of the nations.

“Saving, planting and making seeds are all true acts of revolution”

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