4 – Strains you need Now |The Northern Lights Crew: Pioneers of Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

calendar May 20, 2023
4 – Strains you need Now |The Northern Lights Crew: Pioneers of Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

The Northern Lights Crew: Who they were and why they matter!


Emerging from the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s and 1980s, a group of innovative individuals known as The Northern Lights Crew revolutionized the cannabis industry. They accomplished this through groundbreaking indoor cultivation techniques and the development of specifically bred cannabis strains for indoor environments. One of these, the Northern Lights strain,  symbolized the Crew’s ingenuity and still stands as a testament to their impact on the cannabis culture.


Steve Murphy, the driving force behind the Northern Lights Crew, significantly impacted the cannabis industry with his pioneering approach to indoor cultivation. As the owner of the Indoor Sun Shoppe, he blazed a trail in the burgeoning industry, offering both equipment and knowledge essential for the indoor cultivation of marijuana seeds, a niche that was gradually gaining traction.


His seminal publications – “How to Grow Marijuana Indoors Under Light” (1975), “Indoor Marijuana Cultivation” (1977), and “How to Grow the Finest Marijuana Indoors” (1979) – penned under the pseudonym ‘Murphy Stevens,’ were cornerstones of cannabis cultivation literature. These comprehensive guides illuminated the path for countless growers, demystifying cannabis seed germination and cultivation under artificial light – a groundbreaking concept at the time.


Northern Lights


In the late 1970s, Murphy ingeniously incorporated Afghan genetics into his cultivation practices. His Afghani strain was a game-changer, blueprinting the following Northern Lights hybrids. These hybrid cannabis seeds, born from the combination of Afghan genetics and various other strains, marked a significant advancement in cannabis breeding.


The Northern Lights strain, in all its diverse varieties, exemplified the innovative spirit of the Northern Lights Crew. Each variety emerged from meticulous cultivation, crossing the resilient Afghan genetics with various strains. Whether it was high CBD cannabis seeds for medicinal use or high T.H.C. seeds for recreational use, each Northern Lights hybrid was a testament to the crew’s dedicated efforts.


The Northern Lights Crew expanded the realm of possibilities within indoor cultivation. With a particular focus on cultivation, they were instrumental in ensuring consistent quality and yield, contributing substantially to the marijuana seeds niche.


These contributions to indoor cultivation techniques, cannabis genetics, and seed quality management shaped the marijuana industry’s trajectory, firmly establishing the Northern Lights Crew as pioneers in the cannabis seeds niche. Their dedication to improving cannabis seed strains and cultivation techniques continues to influence the indoor marijuana growing culture today.


Herbie, another key member of the crew, is credited with introducing a Hawaiian Sativa into the gene pool. This resulted in the legendary NL #5 hybrid, a cross between Herbie’s Hawaiian Sativa strain and Steve Murphy’s Afghan strain.


Also significant was Greg McAllister, who, along with the crew, dedicated many years to developing the most efficacious strains for medicinal use, specifically for patients suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.). Through his extensive contributions to forums and podcasts, McAllister has preserved the legacy and history of the Northern Lights Crew and their role in shaping cannabis genetics and culture.


Don, aka “The Indian,” further broadened the genetic range of the Crew’s strains. He was instrumental in developing the NL #2 strain,  a cross between his Afghan Hybrid “The Indian” and Steve Murphy’s Afghan strain. His contributions expanded the genetic diversity and quality of the Crew’s offerings.


The crew’s impact reached far beyond the Pacific Northwest. In the mid-1980s, McAllister sent Northern Lights seeds to a cultivator named Nevil, who was based in Amsterdam. Nevil made numerous crosses with the seeds and later incorporated the NL #5 clone he received from the Northern Lights Crew. His NL #5 x Haze hybrid became one of the most widely grown strains and, together with Skunk No.1 strain and Haze, formed the genetic foundation for most modern hybrids from the mid-80s onward.


The Northern Lights Crew’s innovations fundamentally altered cannabis production globally. Their efforts, however, did not go unnoticed by authorities. In the late 1980s, they were caught up in Operation Green Merchant, a large-scale D.E.A. operation targeting grow stores nationwide. The operation led to numerous arrests and significant material losses, impacting countless lives.


Despite these setbacks, the legacy of the Northern Lights Crew endures. Recently, interest has been resurgent in preserving heirloom varieties like Northern Lights strain. Breeders such as Bodhi, Jtoucan, Coastal Seeds, Crickets and Cicada Seeds have worked with these classic genetics to ensure their preservation and continuation in modern cannabis culture. Crickets just released the Nl5 x Tom Hill Haze strain. Of course, you can get those at the best seed bank in the U.S., Seeds Here Now.


Northern Lights


Top Four strains with NL that you can buy right now !!!


Crickets and Cicadas Seeds – NL2 x Tom Hill’s Haze (Northern Lights 2 x Tom Hill’s Haze) {REG} [12pk]

Crickets and Cicadas Seeds’ NL2 x Tom Hill’s Haze strain is nothing short of a cannabis masterpiece, a perfect symphony between two iconic strains. NL2, also known as the Northern Lights #2 strain, is known for its powerful Indica effects. It marries Tom Hill’s Haze strain, a legendary Sativa influencing the cannabis world significantly. This strain’s birth signifies the convergence of power and subtlety, resulting in a unique hybrid strain available for you at SeedsHereNow.com.


Dr. Blaze – NL x Big Bud (Northern Lights x Big Bud) {FEM} [5pk] 
Northern Lights strain x Big Bud strain is an exceptional hybrid cannabis strain that masterfully blends the renowned characteristics of its legendary parent strains, Northern Lights strain and Big Bud strain. This extraordinary crossbreed boasts a rich terpene profile that features a delightful fusion of earthy, sweet, and spicy aromas, capturing the imagination of cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. Key terpenes such as myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene harmonize to create these enticing scents and deliver a powerful combination of relaxing and soothing effects. With its impressive yield potential and deeply calming qualities, Northern Lights strain x Big Bud strain has become a go-to strain for cultivators and users alike.


Dr. Blaze – NL x C99 (Northern Lights x Cinderella 99) {FEM} [5pk] 
Northern Lights x Cinderella 99’s explosion of tropical freshness, pineapple, lemon, and lime fragrances will be the first stimulus that you will notice about this great quality strain.


Automatically Delicious – Northern Lights Auto (Northern Lights x Lowryder) {AUTOFEM} [5pk] 
This delicious indica is characterized by its compact, rock-hard, and plump flowers. These genetics are unmatched, creating one of the autoflower champions of this type of strain.



In conclusion, the Northern Lights Crew pioneered indoor cannabis cultivation, creating a new chapter in the history of cannabis culture. Their introduction of Afghan genetics and their efforts to breed strains for indoor cultivation was truly transformative, revolutionizing cannabis cultivation practices and leaving a lasting impact on cannabis genetics and culture.


I used my friend SunGrownMidz Story who wrote over at BeardBrosFarms, for the base of this piece.


Now grow something !!





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