Wolfpack Selections – 41Flavorz {FEM} [10pk]


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  • Wolfpack Selections - 41Flavorz {FEM} [10pk]
  • Lineage: 41 Reasons (Area41 x Blowpops Bx1) x Guava Biscotti
  • Category: Feminized Seeds
  • Seed Count: 10 Seeds
  • 41Flavorz from Wolfpack Selections captivates with its vibrant buds covered in a sparkling layer of trichomes. This strain delivers a complex aroma, blending sweet and fruity notes with a touch of earthiness. Its enticing scent promises a delightful sensory experience. The lineage of this strain includes 41 Reasons and Guava Biscotti. 41 Reasons, a cross between Area41 and Blowpops Bx1, brings a mix of tropical and dessert-like flavors, while Guava Biscotti adds a creamy and tropical twist. Together, they create a flavorful and aromatic hybrid that's worth experiencing. Get your seeds today and explore the unique flavors of 41Flavorz!

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Breeder Certified Genetics

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Wolfpack Selections – 41Flavorz

41 Reasons (Area41 x Blowpops Bx1) x Guava Biscotti {FEM}[10pk]

10 Feminized Seeds


Get ready to embark on a flavorful adventure with 41Flavorz, an extraordinary strain from Wolfpack Selections. Join me as we explore the origins, unique characteristics, terpene profile, and more of this exceptional strain. Get ready to indulge in the diverse array of flavors and experience the euphoria of 41Flavorz.

About the Origins of 41Flavorz 🌍

41Flavorz is the result of a meticulously crafted genetic fusion. This exceptional strain combines the remarkable 41 Reasons (Area41 x Blowpops Bx1) with the delightful Guava Biscotti. The careful selection and breeding process have created a strain that captures the essence of its parent strains.

The 41 Reasons strain brings forth its remarkable [specific characteristic], while the Guava Biscotti contributes its own unique traits. The combination results in 41Flavorz, a strain that showcases a symphony of flavors and effects.

Wolfpack Selections’ dedication to selecting superior genetics and their meticulous breeding process shines through in 41Flavorz. The result is a strain with a reputable lineage, ensuring a remarkable experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

Unveiling the Terpene Profile and Aromas 👃

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting terpene profile and alluring aromas of 41Flavorz. This strain boasts a complex bouquet that tantalizes the senses and transports you to a world of diverse flavors.

41Flavorz delights with its unique terpene combination, offering a delectable blend of [specific terpene] and [specific terpene]. The aroma is a tantalizing mix of [specific aroma notes], creating an olfactory experience that excites the senses.

As you indulge in 41Flavorz’s aroma, you’ll be greeted by the enchanting scents of [specific scent], followed by hints of [specific scent]. Each inhalation unveils a symphony of flavors that dance across your palate, leaving you craving for more of 41Flavorz’s exquisite terpene profile.

An Unforgettable Smoking Experience 🍃💨

When it comes to the smoking experience, 41Flavorz delivers a truly memorable encounter. With each inhale, a smooth and velvety smoke caresses your taste buds, allowing the flavors to unfold in all their glory.

41Flavorz’s smoking experience is characterized by [specific effect], enveloping your body in a soothing wave of relaxation. Simultaneously, the cerebral effects offer [specific effect], uplifting your mood and fostering a sense of euphoria. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or inspiration, 41Flavorz provides a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

Where to Find 41Flavorz Seeds? 🌱

To embark on your flavorful journey with 41Flavorz, visit Seedsherenow.com. As the premier US-based seed bank for over a decade, they offer a wide selection of top-quality cannabis seeds, including 41Flavorz and many other sought-after strains.

At Seedsherenow.com, you’ll find a reliable source for all your cannabis seed needs, ensuring that you can cultivate the finest genetics available. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Seedsherenow.com is the perfect destination for cannabis enthusiasts seeking exceptional strains like 41Flavorz.

Wolf Pack Selections Feminized Seeds: Unleash the Power Within

Welcome to Wolf Pack Selections, where the power of exceptional feminized seeds awaits. Our meticulously curated collection offers outstanding genetics and unrivaled cannabis experiences. Explore our diverse selection, unlock the potential of feminized seeds, and join the pack that values quality and excellence.

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  • Lineage: 41 Reasons (Area41 x Blowpops Bx1) x Guava Biscotti
  • Yield: low
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