TH Seeds – S.A.G.E. n Sour {FEM} [5pk]


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TH Seeds – S.A.G.E. n Sour Feminized

(Sour Diesel x S.A.G.E)

Sativa: 70/30

T.H.C.: 20-24%

Flower Cycle: 60-65 Days

Yield: Above Average

5 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Sage N Sour by T.H. Seeds is a 70% sativa strain that unites the sharply pungent Sour Diesel with their SAGE hybrid. With an aroma that closely matches the subtle herbal notes of sage, Sage N Sour delivers a perfect balance of euphoria, energy, and happiness to its consumer. Growers will appreciate the generous yields this sativa has to offer following its 60 to 65 day flowering cycle. Do you like flavor? Do you like strength? How about yield? Then you will love Sage and Sour.

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  1. christopher.doty (verified owner)

    TH Seeds – S.A.G.E. n Sour Feminized: As an amateur grower, I grew these indoors with one Mars hydro 600 watt light per plant. Two months in veg (topping at one month of age) and light fox farms nutrients in soil. Certainly I have plenty of room for improvement, but I was very pleased with an average of about 1.7 ounces per plant under these conditions. My tent got a little bit hotter than ideal in veg before I improved ventilation, but this strain tolerated it with little or no leaf damage, compared to others I was growing. I ended up chopping at ~11 weeks of flowering, as the tricomes and buds were underdeveloped at 8 weeks of flower in my opinion. The four seeds in this run all grew consistently in terms of size and shape.

    For the smoke itself, as someone who smokes twice a week, this hit me hard! Three or four hits gave me a pleasant day time euphoric high that lasted about 2 hours.

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