Dominion Seed Company – Sour Skunk


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Dominion Seed Company – Sour Skunk

East Coast Sour Diesel x SSSC Skunk 1

Flower Cycle: 60-70 Days

Yield: Medium Heavy – Heavy

13 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Morphology – Structurally there are two main phenotypes. One shorter with a 2:1 stretch ratio that branches more laterally. The other taller with more vertical branching representative of the ECSD with a 3:1 stretch ratio. Smells and flavors range from sour apple diesel to chemmy bubblegum. The desired blend pheno is very skunky diesel with a sour pledge flavor. Very suitable for outdoor and greenhouse growing. Plants proved to be highly resistant to mites, powdery mildew and also to bud rot. Plants in the northern California region finished September 26th-October 7th depending on orientation. Southern Oregon reported October 7th-16th.Bangor Maine reported October 10th.

How Does It Smoke – A very good blend of body and mind, a happy and mellow stone. Functional zippy but chilling at the same time.

Growing Notes – Indoors as a scrog / multi headed bush. Outdoors a well canopied bush. These plants like a medium feed until just after flowering has begun. They benefit from a even keeled feed but on the heavier side. Slowly increase to a heavy feed mid flower. Also tend to need added calcium to assist the heavier feed uptake and a magnesium blast mid bloom with pk.

Pest Resistance – 8/10

Mildew Resistance – 9/10

Stress Resistance Notes – Very sensitive to light leaks indoors. As juveniles they show a weakness to over-watering but after becoming post-pubescent, established plants seem to handle heavy stress as well as drought conditions.