Riot Seeds – Blue Sour {REG} [10pk]


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Riot Seeds – Blue Sour

Sour Diesel x Blue Bonnet

Flower Cycle: 56-63 days

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

The original Sour (Our Diesel) Diesel aka the Manny, is one of the most stank girls you can still find as well as an excellent example of VA Super Skunk. The main complaint of sour is how long she takes. This Blue Bonnet male knocks her down from 11-12 to a manageable 8-9 weeks. Most phenotypes will express Super Skunk smells and flavors with the smaller percentage showing heavy, heavy blueberry jam terps. Super skunk tended to dominate the blueberry terps across the board, so I highly recommend this line for someone to work and make their own Sour and Super Skunk regular seedlines. As with all of the Blue Bonnet stuff, the amount of keeper females is insane, but even more important for seed makers – the males in all of the bonnet hybrids thus far have been stellar.

Yield: Moderate to Heavy
Smells: Skunky, Gas, Acrid, Berry

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