Relentless Genetics – Black Cherry Garlic {REG} [10pk]


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  • Relentless Genetics - Black Cherry Garlic {REG} [10pk]
  • Lineage: GMO cookies x Cherry Cookie bx1
  • Category: Regular Seeds
  • Seed Count: 10 Seeds
  • Terpenes: Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
  • Black Cherry Garlic combines the intense, savory flavors of GMO Cookies with the sweet, fruity undertones of Cherry Cookie bx1. This strain produces dense, dark buds that emit a unique aroma of garlic with hints of black cherry, offering a complex flavor profile that intrigues the palate. Known for its potent effects, Black Cherry Garlic delivers a deep relaxation that's ideal for evening use, helping to ease stress and promote restful sleep.


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Breeder Certified Genetics
Breeder Certified Genetics

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Relentless Genetics – Black Cherry Garlic

GMO cookies x Cherry Cookie bx1

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

60-77 days flower, depending on pheno but most are 63-65 days so much improved over gmo. Quick veg and roots easily. Phenos vary from cc to chem phenos but the best are a combination of gmo and cc. Sweet, delicious, rotten, foul smelling buds that are powerful! Stretch depends, most stretch double or less. Above average yield and nice color! Responds well to all types of training. One of, if not my and other growers most favorite cross

Origins of the Black Cherry Garlic Strain

If your olfactory senses are intrigued by the allure of unique and mesmerizing fragrances, Black Cherry Garlic has a story that’s bound to captivate you. This enchanting strain is a masterpiece concocted by the experts at Relentless Genetics, perfectly blending GMO cookies and Cherry Cookie bx1.

The tale begins with GMO cookies, famous for its pungent and earthy aroma with hints of spicy overtones. This strain’s heritage provides the Black Cherry Garlic its punchy, head-turning fragrance. On the other hand, the Cherry Cookie bx1 infuses the strain with a sweetness that’s reminiscent of ripe cherries. These two parents synergistically dance, resulting in a strain that is complex yet harmoniously balanced.

Terpene Profile and Aromas

As you venture into the aromatic domain of Black Cherry Garlic, you’ll first be greeted by Limonene’s zesty freshness. But stay awhile and the sweetness of cherries, brought forth by Linalool and Myrcene, will tantalize your senses.

Yet, there’s a twist in the tale! The strain’s namesake isn’t just for show. As the cherry sweetness begins to fade, the earthy, garlicky aroma dominates, courtesy of Caryophyllene. With each whiff, it’s like diving deeper into a richly layered olfactory story.

Smoke Report

Ignite Black Cherry Garlic, and it’s like stepping into a dream. The first drag is full of the tangy sweetness of cherries. But as the smoke settles, the profound notes of garlic and earth emerge, grounding the experience and enveloping the user in a cocoon of calm.

Drawing from its Indica dominance, Black Cherry Garlic ensures relaxation seeps through every pore. Yet, the touch of creativity keeps one’s spirit light and playful. Each session is like an orchestrated piece – beginning with uplifting notes and culminating in profound relaxation.

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Where to Buy Black Cherry Garlic Seeds?

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  • Flower Time: 8-10 Weeks days
  • Yield: low
  • Flavor/Terpene Makeup: Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
  • Effects: Calming, Relaxing, Creatively Inspiring, Body Soothing
  • Grow Tips:
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