Omuerta Genetix – Element 115 {REG} [11pk]


  • Omuerta Genetix - Element 115 {REG} [11pk]


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Omuerta Genetix – Element 115

Herijuana No.3 X Quetzalcoatl F3

Indica Dominant

Flower Cycle: 63 Days

Yield: High

11+ Regular Seeds Per Pack

“Element 115 was announced in 1989 when Bob Lazar, famous area 51 whistle blower revealed to the public that the UFOs possessed by the government were powered by a mysterious ‘Element 115.’ Of course at that time, the claims made by Lazar were tagged as absurd as the scientific community had no knowledge of ‘Element 115’. In 2003, his statements gained more credibility when a group of Russian scientists managed to create the elusive element, and now, years after that achievement, the discovery of ‘Element 115’ has finally been confirmed after numerous tests which verified its existence. Bob Lazar, who was ridiculed because of his sensationalist claims, states that he worked in the past at Area 51, where top secrets projects are being developed. Interestingly, on several occasions he was subjected to a polygraph: The testing confirmed his statements regarding the secret researcher facilities and alien technology present inside some of the most infamous bases in the United States. According to Lazar, the so-called “UFO’s” were not built by humans, the cabins inside of the craft were extremely small and only a child could fit into them. Lazar claims that these “Flying saucers” were built and piloted by extraterrestrial beings. Mysteriously, it seems as if the UFO’s were made out of one single piece, they did not have a welding point and were made from a material unknown on Earth.

We chose to pair our crowd pleasing Quetzalcoatl F3 male, built as phenotype select on the Grapestomper strain, with a Woodhorse Herijuana female. Herijuana is a legendary strain made from a combination of the highly regarded Humboldt County Afghan indica called “Petrolia Headstash” and an outdoor hybrid from Kentucky known only as the “Killer New Haven” strain. This combo was worked by breeders for 15 generations to create an inbred line (IBL), meaning that most of the seeds will grow into plants that are nearly identical. Herijuana produces large dense flowers on an open, stretchy plant, with aromas and flavors ranging from spicy earth and sandalwood to hashy fruit. THC levels have been measured at over 25%, and the high provides a heavy, almost numbing feeling.

Element 115 keeps the sweet taste and scent of candy grapes from the Quetzalcoatl and spike’s her with a bit more of a body kick from the Herijuana. Element 115 is a short stocky classic Indica plant with a main cola and secondary flowers. We have found the best way to flower these is to grow them shorter and flower them to harvest smaller plants in numbers. The outcome?! Out of this world.”

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