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Obsoul33t Genetics – Gorilla Glue 4 x Orange Sour Dub {REG} [10pk]


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Obsoul33t Genetics – Gorilla Glue #4 x Orange Sour Dub


Flower Cycle: 56-84 Days

Yield: Above Average

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

(The Following info is for one of the parent crosses. Final Results May Vary.)

Gorilla glue
Gorilla glue is a strain that’s one of the most talked-about out there. It’s potent, a great hybrid, and a
flavor that’s recognizable, it’s one of the most in-demand strains out there.
So what can it do for you? Well, let’s dive deep into this, and the overall review of this strain.
The Basics
Gorilla Glue has different strains, and one of the most popular is gorilla glue #4.
This is one that’s basically a combination of Sour Dubb, Chem Sister and Chocolate diesel. It became
super popular in 2013 in the industry, and since then, has been one of the favorites out there. It’s great
for medical users, and it’s something that’s actually managed to get two Cannabis Cup titles since its
It’s basically a hybrid that’s 50/50 indica and sativa, making it the best balance to offer you a high that’s
energetic and exciting, while also calming the body too. It lets you feel euphoric, perfect for socializing,
but also offers a high that’s nice and relaxing to help you sleep.
While it’s unusual to see 50/50 like this, it truly is the best of both worlds for users.
This does tend to have higher THC content, hitting up to 28% THC content in some cases. While the CBD
is lower, it’s really good at handling different medical issues.
This has gotten into trouble in terms of the name, since well it’s literally got the same name as the glue
that it’s known for. The bonding on this is really strong, and comes with trichomes that are sticky, and
resins that are actually reflective of the glue that’s there.
The brand didn’t like the fact that gorilla glue strain had the same name, so they shortened it to just GG
in order to help get out of legal hot water.
Flavor and Aroma
The flavor of this is basically sour, earthy, and piney all meshed into one.
Due to the higher THC in this strain, the flavor almost is mellow and it can sometimes be
indistinguishable from the other strains that are similar to this. Others say that it has almost a coffee-like
flavor to it, while others say that it’s too bitter, so definitely keep that in mind.
As for the smell, it actually smells like something both sweet and sour when burned, and even before
you consume it.
Due to the extreme potency of this from the Chocolate Diesel that’s in its DNA, this is something that
offers a mocha, almost chocolatey sort of smell as well. This is something that can sometimes be a bit
potent, so make sure to take action and try to be as discreet as possible.
This does look like a lighter green, and they’re usually covered with both resins and trichomes. You also
find frost that’s sticky, and hair that’s orange.
The high You Get

This does have a couch lock effect, even on the smaller hits. Those with higher tolerances usually have a
higher level that's sedative and powerful.
You should always take this one nice and slow, or else it will be overwhelming.
The most common side effects involve a euphoric surge, fits of laughter and happiness, and then a high
that feels tranquilizing and mellow. This does make you feel numb from your heat to your toe, and then
later offers a calming and reglazing result.
You also might experience a lot of clarity mentally, and increased stimulation along with energy, and
also might feel very relaxed due to the strain effects.
Be mindful though, because it does occasionally come with paranoia.

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