James Loud Genetics – Gluelato {FEM} [5pk]


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  • James Loud Genetics - Gluelato {FEM} [5pk]
  • Lineage: GG4 x Gelato 41
  • Category: Feminized Seeds
  • Seed Count: 5 Seeds
  • Gluelato, a cross between GG4 and Gelato 41. Description: Gluelato feminized seeds merge the heavy, resinous qualities of GG4 with the sweet, creamy nuances of Gelato 41. This strain produces dense, sticky buds that deliver a powerful, euphoric high, enveloping the senses and offering profound relaxation accompanied by a delightful flavor profile, suitable for evening use or times of stress relief.


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Breeder Certified Genetics

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James Loud Genetics – Gluelato

GG4 x Gelato 41


THC: 30-35%

Flower Cycle: 63 days

5 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Gluelato, like most exotic cannabis cultivars is a complex poly hybrid f1. There is phenotypical variation within its progeny, however, the overall plant structure on the majority of the keeper phenotypes are similar: most of the calyx shapes and node spacing are reminiscent of the classic gg4 shape and look. The calyx stack nicely with a good bud to leaf ratio making it easy to trim.
Gluelato is a perfect mix of both the highly popular Gelato and gg4 varieties which improves on the yield of the gelato and adds depth to the terpene profile of the gg4 cultivar. Some of the outlier phenotypes have a heavy nose of burning gas with creamy floral and chocolate notes on the back of the palate.

Scent (burned/unburned):
Gas, Floral, Sandlewood, Chocolate

(The Following info is for one of the parent crosses. Final Results May Vary.)

Gelato Strain Review
Gelato as a strain is one that’s woodsy and a very smooth kind of strain that uses both earthy tones, and
a lavender taste to make it taste citrus when you exhale this. It’s great for boosting the mood and spirits,
while also improving the creative energies, and offering a focus which is intense as well.
This is used to treat a ton of chronic conditions as well, which is great as a medicinal strain for you to
The flavor tends to be a little bit sweeter than the dessert that you love, and it’s something that is
perfect for those who want something sweet and easy.
This has many phenotypes, with number 33 being the most popular, also called Laffy Bird.
Gelato Strain is a unique as well because of the balanced impacts that don’t make you crash and burn
whenever you’re done consuming this. It’s sweet, and it’s great for those who want an out-of-this-world
What is it?
This is a cross-breed of GSC, along with Sunset Sherbet, creating a surprisingly sweet taste. Through
different trial and errors though, they managed to come up with gelato.
This is a hybrid that does lean slightly more on the indica side of things but is about 56/44 in terms of
percentages. This is one however, that despite the indica in it, it actually does uplift and energize the
person a whole lot.
The THC within this is 20-26%, which is a punch that it packs, and this is something that lasts a long time,
and a little bit goes a long way for the experiences that are there.
Gelatos tend to have an intriguing and interesting history, and this is a cannabis-type that’s delectable as
a dinner treat, and it offers a berry, citrus, and sweet flavor to this that you’ll love.
This is a great one that’s named after the dessert that many love, and it’s a hybrid strain that has buds
that grow in dark purple colors, and orange hairs that do touch the main body of the Gelato Strain itself.
Where to Buy
This is one of the easiest strains out there to purchase, but you usually have to go to a recreational shop
to get this one.
Flavor and Aroma
The flavor is definitely very sweet, and it’s definitely something that could be overpowering if you hate
sweet things.
It also has a fruity and sweet smell to it, with orange and blueberry flavors to this. The taste of this is
pretty much suited universally, and this is one that a lot of consumers love, even though it comes from a
dank bud.
The Effects

Another big part of this is the effects. Since it does contain about 26% THC on average, this can be a
strain that goes a long way, so usually a puff or two is good enough for this, and for those starting out,
be mindful of this.
It offers a mostly cerebral high that is great for focusing and is tranquil and soothing. This is great for
those who want to be creative, relax, and experience euphoria, and is great for those looking to be
productive in the afternoons and engage in social gatherings as well. It’s multi-faceted and works for a
variety of purposes.
This is a great one as well for chronic pain and muscle spasms too, and this is good as well for relaxation
after a long day as well.

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