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  • Thunder Bolt: (EPIC (California Purple Haze x Thors Hammer) x Pure Kush x Uzbekistani)

ThunderBolt is the combination of our EPIC line (California Purple Haze x Thors Hammer) with our selected Pure Kush x Uzbekistani male. We haven’t released EPIC, the mother of this cross, as the line truly lives up to its name. Selections are going on for a future release of that line. In the meantime, ThunderBolt gives you the effects of the soaring and trippy high and passes the long-standing resinous trichomes with spear-shaped colas of crystalline floral clusters. The high from EPIC is tremendous and melds well with the body effects and high for the Pure Kush x Uzbekistani male. The Pure Kush was dubbed Hollywood Pure Kush by Bodhi when I gave it to him years ago. He pollinated it with a Uzbekistani male, and I further worked it by selecting the male I needed for new breeding lines of landrace Afghani and true “Kush” varieties. ThunderBolt is an excellent blend of the physical and cerebral effects of cannabis. A connoisseur cash cropper’s dream. 

Some phenotypes produce exceptional quantities of resin.

Yield: Moderate-large
Sex: Regular
Photoperiod: This strain can be grown indoors or Outdoor 

Flowering Time: 9-13+ Weeks

Plant Height: Medium- Tall
Seed Quantity: 5


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