Snow High Seeds – Purple Pantera


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Snow High Seeds – Purple Pantera

Pink Panther x Grape Krush F3

Flower Time: 56 Days

Indica 90/10

Flower Cycle: 9-11 weeks

5 regular seeds per pack

The mother Pink Panther is a very potent amethyst purple and pink expressed strain with strong fruity berry aromas and OG Kush undertones with translates to the palette very well. The combination with the red and purple Grape KrushF2 male has melded well and 75% of the offspring turn dark shades of purple throughout the plant within many of the phenos. Purple Pantera is a heavy purple OG Kush dominant strain which yields very heavy with prolific resin production, a must for those who love to smoke great cannabis. The effects are immediate and very euphoric, great for evenings with friends.


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