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Riot Seeds – Blisterene {REG} [10pk]


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Riot Seeds – Blisterene

GMO x Blue Bonnet

Flower Cycle: 56-63 days

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Mamiko’s GMO is a killer cut with amazing ChemD/Sis terps and even more emphasis on the garlicky halitosis. It can test very high in terpene %, and we were insistent on having her in the run with the Blue Bonnet to see how the Blueberry terps meshed with her. It was nothing short of beautiful. Savory and Sweet berry, it’s almost addicting. We see big yields, beautiful colors, and a much more manageable flower time while sacrificing zero of the GMO traits that make it special. As with all of the Blue Bonnet stuff, the amount of keeper females is insane, but even more important for seed makers – the males in all of the bonnet hybrids thus far have been stellar.

Yield: Moderate to STACKED
Smells: garlic , bad breath, chocolate, blueberry, raspberry, floral