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Night Owl Seeds – Blue Microverse F4 Feminized


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Night Owl Seeds – Blue Microverse F4

(24 Carat x Blue Magoo BX2) – [(24 Carat) x (Blue Magoo x Blue Heron #111)]

3 Automatic Feminized Seeds Per Pack

This project was started in 2014 as an homage to one of the most world renowned cannabis breeders of modern history, Professor P of Dynasty Genetics. Reading about the work he put into the Blue Magoo backcross project inspired me to work harder on my craft and I hope that it shows in these projects.

The male photoperiod selected for this cross had amazing candy blueberry terps backed by something a bit minty, and had visible trichomes making him a stand out from the lot. He was crossed to one of our most indica autoflowers available, 24 Carat, with the goal of creating a very user friendly and therapeutic variety that could be enjoyed by all.

The F1 generation was ran by my good friend Mitch in Spain, and he noted that they produced some truly outstanding herb.

Running the F2 generation is where the 24 Carat really started to show herself. The Blue Microverse structurally takes after the 24 Carat and will remain extremely squat, often wider than she is tall. The flowers are fat, sweet, and extremely quick to finish, making up for her smaller structure with speed. From these autoflower candidates I selected an extremely sweet and resinous blueberry tart smelling female to carry on to full auto.

The F3 full auto generation was short and sweet, fully maturing in just 55-65 days from sprout. She is definitely in the running for fastest autoflowers, and if time is of the essence than look no further! Due to her short stature and quick flowering time she does need to be babied early on, but the final product is always worth it! The flowers produced by the Blue Microverse are fuzzy as can be, with long stemmed trichomes carpeting every nook and cranny. Consumption in all dosages definitely leaves you feeling relaxed physically and mentally. She is particularly helpful on nights where I am physically tired, but my mind is still racing, and I hope she can bring others the same comfort and ability to find peace that she has brought me.


Generation: F4 Autoflower

Quantity: 3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds

Height: Up to 2 Feet

Flavor: Blueberry, Hazy, Earthy, Musk

Yield: 2 Ounces

Harvest Time: 55-65 Days from Sprout


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