Blackbird Preservations – Mullumbimby Two Step {REG} [15pk]


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Blackbird Preservations – Mullumbimby Two Step

Mullumbimby BX2

15 Regular Seeds Per Pack

This here is a twice backcrossed version of Mullumbimby Madness originally worked by Kangativa of IcMag fame. The initial outcross used was my Astro Zombie which held some similar aromas in black pepper and berries as well as a similar effect, which is soaring and euphoric, sometimes a bit much for those not used to the wild ride of a proper narrow leaf varietal. Expect some wild branching and tall slender plants that will eventually fill out quite well into large but airy colas where each calyx is coated in resin. Strap in, these will take at least sixteen weeks and benefit from a similar cure time.