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Humboldt Seed Company – Dream Queen

F3-Green Crack x Mazar Star x Skunk #1

20 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Dream Queen is the fastest flowering and largest producer of Humboldt Seed Company’s collection. The seeds produce absolutely huge plants easily doubling in size during flower. The buds are like pillowy clouds covered in moonbeam sparkles. Extremely green buds with a sweet skunky smell. Expect to out grow your wildest dreams, with this extremely fast and easy to grow strain making her a gem for light  deprivation. THC levels should push 23%, creating a light energetic high perfect for those on the go. May be effective against daytime pain, anxiety and muscle spasms.

Unveiling the Origins of the Dream Queen Strain

Strolling through the chronicles of cannabis royalty, we find a reigning monarch that’s undeniably captivating: Dream Queen. Hailing from the fertile soils of Humboldt Seed Company, this queen’s lineage is as rich as her flavor profile. With ancestors including the sharp F3-Green Crack, the enchanting Mazar Star, and the powerful Skunk #1, Dream Queen’s noble birthright is undeniable.

F3-Green Crack – The Dream Queen’s Progenitor

The illustrious F3-Green Crack, a mother strain to our Dream Queen, brings forth an energetic and focused high, as well as a tangy, fruity taste. These gifts are passed down to Dream Queen, where they further elevate the strain’s sought-after effects and profound palate.

Mazar Star & Skunk #1 – The Backbone of Dream Queen

Further complementing this royal lineage are the father strains: Mazar Star and Skunk #1. Mazar Star brings an earthy sweetness and a sense of tranquility to the mix, while Skunk #1 introduces an iconic, skunky scent that lingers pleasantly after every hit. Their impact on Dream Queen is undeniable, contributing to the strain’s balanced high and unforgettable flavor.

Terpene Profile and Aromas

The first puff of Dream Queen invites you into a whimsical world of aromatic delights. The sweetness of myrcene dances with the pine notes of pinene, while the spicy undertones of caryophyllene create a symphony of scents that’s absolutely divine. It’s like wandering through a dreamy forest where every whiff stirs up delightful nostalgia.

Smoke Report

Smoking Dream Queen is an absolute royal treat. It fills your senses with an invigorating blend of flavors, evoking images of enchanted forests and magical realms. With each exhale, you’ll feel an uplifting surge of euphoria that sparks creativity and happiness, making every moment with Dream Queen truly dreamy.

Related Strains

If Dream Queen strikes your fancy, you might also enjoy the likes of Blue Dream, Green Crack, or Sour Diesel. Each of these strains presents its own unique take on a hybrid‘s balanced high and a varied terpene profile.

Where to Buy Dream Queen Seeds?

Feel like becoming the gardener to a royal strain? Get your Dream Queen seeds from, the number one seed bank in the U.S.A for the past decade.

Enter the Dreamy Realm with Dream Queen!

With the Dream Queen seeds, you’re not just growing a plant, you’re cultivating an experience. From its diverse terpene profile to its unique high, this strain is sure to rule over your cannabis garden. Get your Dream Queen seeds from – your reliable source for all things cannabis!

  • Yield: low
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