Hawaiian Budline – Jam Berry OG {REG} [10pk]


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  • Hawaiian Budline - Jam Berry OG {REG} [10pk]
  • Lineage: Blue Steel F1 x Jam Berry OG
  • Category: Regular Seeds
  • Seed Count: 10 Seeds
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene
  • Strain Name and Lineage: Jam Berry OG, a delightful creation from Hawaiian Budline, is a cross between Blue Steel F1 and Jam Berry OG. Description: Jam Berry OG showcases its lush, dense buds that radiate deep purples and vibrant greens, enveloped in a sparkling coat of trichomes. The aroma is a decadent blend of sweet berries and a subtle earthy undertone, offering a sensory experience reminiscent of walking through a ripe berry patch. Lineage and Historical Anecdotes: Blue Steel F1, recognized for its robust genetic foundation and striking coloration, pairs beautifully with Jam Berry OG, which is celebrated for its intensely sweet berry aroma. This pairing not only honors but also enhances the deep fruity lineage, making Jam Berry OG a standout choice for enthusiasts of rich, berry-scented strains.


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Breeder Certified Genetics
Breeder Certified Genetics

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Hawaiian Budline – Jam Berry OG


Blue Steel F1 x (Blue Steel F2 x Purple Ice Water)


10 Regular Seeds Per Pack


World class blueberry terps. This one Checks all the boxes. It has the size, look and smell of a true indica sativa hybrid classic. Adding in new terp flavors of ice cream and pie crust. It’s one of our top yielding strains of the season. Great for washing and smoking, an extremely versatile strain.



Product Title: Hawaiian Budline – Jam Berry OG Cannabis Seeds


Product Short Description: Dive into the tropical allure of Jam Berry OG, a blend of robust Blue Steel genetics and the icy kiss of Purple Ice Water. Experience euphoria wrapped in a berry burst!


Product Detailed Description:


Introduction: Embark on a journey with the Hawaiian Budline – Jam Berry OG Cannabis Seeds, a perfect blend of the robust genetics of Blue Steel F1 and a tantalizing combination of Blue Steel F2 with Purple Ice Water. This strain promises not just a remarkable growing experience but also an unforgettable flavor journey.


Strain Details: Born from the marriage of Blue Steel F1 and a combination of Blue Steel F2 with Purple Ice Water, this strain boasts a dominantly Indica profile. While it has yet to snag awards, its parent strains have set high bars in the cannabis industry, making Jam Berry OG a promising contender for future accolades.


Growing Information: The Jam Berry OG is a delight for cultivators. Suited for both indoor and outdoor growing, this strain flourishes under moderate conditions. With a flowering time of 7-9 weeks, growers can anticipate a moderate to high yield. Though slightly challenging, it’s well worth the patience and care, especially for those seasoned in cannabis cultivation.


Effects and Flavor Profile: Upon consumption, brace yourself for a wave of euphoria, uplifting your spirits and igniting your creative spark. The flavor is a delightful mix – think of a berry explosion complemented by subtle earthy undertones, thanks to its rich terpene profile. The aroma is equally enchanting, reminiscent of a tropical paradise.


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  • Lineage: Blue Steel F1 x Jam Berry OG
  • Sativa: 50%
  • Indica: 50%
  • THC: 30%
  • Flower Time: 7-9 weeks days
  • Yield: low
  • Flavor/Terpene Makeup: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene
  • Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted, Creatively Inspired, Happy
  • Grow Tips:
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