Green Bodhi Genetics – Sail Haten {FEM} [5pk]


Green Bodhi Genetics – Sail Haten

Putang x Hazy Kush

5 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

We used Mass Medical Strains personal cut of the Putang and pollinated it with our reversed Hazy Kush. This resulted in the progeny putting off flavors of tangerine , spice, with a slight back note of jasmine.
Setting Sail for Bliss: The Captivating Lineage of Sail Haten

Prepare to set sail on a voyage of pure bliss as we uncover the captivating origins of Sail Haten. As an expert in the realm of cannabis, I am thrilled to share the intriguing story behind this exceptional strain. Sail Haten is the result of a masterful union between two remarkable strains: Sail and Haten.

Sail, a strain that embodies the adventurous spirit of the open sea, derives its name from the sense of freedom and exploration it offers. This sativa-dominant beauty sails through the cannabis world, captivating enthusiasts with its uplifting effects and invigorating vibes. Sail represents the untamed nature of the high seas, promising a journey that transcends boundaries.

Now, allow me to introduce you to Haten, a strain that adds its own unique characteristics to the blend. Haten brings a sense of mystery and intrigue to the mix, with its potent genetics and captivating effects. This hybrid strain intertwines with Sail, elevating the voyage to new heights of euphoria and creative inspiration.

The harmonious union of Sail and Haten gives birth to Sail Haten, a strain that encapsulates the essence of blissful exploration. It invites you to navigate uncharted territories of happiness and unlock the treasures of your imagination.

Aromatic Waves: Riding the Terpene Swells of Sail Haten

Prepare to be swept away by the aromatic waves that emanate from the lush buds of Sail Haten. As you inhale its fragrant bouquet, a symphony of scents envelops your senses. The terpene profile of Sail Haten is as invigorating as a sea breeze, infusing each moment with freshness and excitement.

The dominant terpene, limonene, blesses Sail Haten with a citrusy aroma that invigorates the spirit. Imagine the scent of freshly squeezed lemons and tangy grapefruits, awakening your senses and igniting a spark of energy. This zesty fragrance sets the stage for an uplifting and enlivening experience.

Intertwined with limonene is the earthy embrace of myrcene, which adds depth and balance to the aroma. Hints of herbal richness and a touch of spice intermingle, reminiscent of a coastal meadow bathed in sunlight. This subtle complexity evokes a sense of serenity and connection to nature.

The terpene symphony of Sail Haten not only pleases the senses but may also offer potential therapeutic benefits. Limonene and myrcene have been associated with mood enhancement, stress relief, and a sense of relaxation, ensuring that your voyage with Sail Haten is not only exhilarating but also deeply satisfying.

Immerse yourself in the aromatic waves of Sail Haten and let its blissful spirit carry you to new horizons of inspiration. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire this exceptional strain from the Best U.S.A. Seed Bank,

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Green Bodhi Genetics – Sail Haten

Putang x Hazy Kush

5 Feminized Seeds Per Pack
We used Mass Medical Strains personal cut of the Putang and pollinated it with our reversed Hazy Kush. This resulted in the progeny putting off flavors of tangerine , spice, with a slight back note of jasmine.

  • Lineage: Putang x Hazy Kush
  • Yield: heavy

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