Exotic Genetix – Guicy Banger {REG} [10pk]


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Exotic Genetix – Guicy Banger

The Guice x Mint Chocolate Chip

Sativa 70/30

THC: 22-26%

Flower Cycle: 56-63 Days

Yield: Heavy

10+ Regular Seeds Per Pack


  1. Cody Johnson (verified owner)

    I grew out 2 guicy bangers.. no prob with germ.. was a breeze in veg.. loves to be trained, topped, cropped.. whatever.. dried nice.. cured good.. smelt like super lemons in flower, and always had this wild scent in veg that i could never put my finger on.. it was def unique to say the least which is what i believe the thin mint cookies to smell similar too, but with an extra bit of lemon sour patch kids or somthing.. smoked great, super potent if finished with a lil uv.. I pulled it right at 60 days.. dried for 14 days.. cured in grove bags.. fantastic smoke.. got about 17 oz indoors under 295 watts of LED.. so thats not bad in my opinion.. could get better with more wattage and co2..


      Grteat thanks

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