Ethos Genetics – Zweet Auto RBX2 {AUTOFEM} [6pk]


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Ethos Genetics – Zweet Auto RBX2 {AUTOFEM} [6pk]

Zweet Inzanity x Durban Auto

Zweet Auto RBX2 is an interesting strain produced by Ethos Genetics. The lineage of this cannabis cultivar is derived from crossing Zweet Inzanity with Durban Auto.

Zweet Inzanity is a potent hybrid strain that blends sour, sweet, and spicy into a powerful flavor profile that could be considered overwhelming by some. It’s known for its uplifting and euphoric effects that are quick to take effect and last for a prolonged period of time. This strain is the offspring of Durban Poison, Rainmaker, and Original Glue, lending to its diverse genetic background.

Durban Auto, as the name suggests, is an autoflowering version of the well-known Durban Poison. This sativa-dominant strain is celebrated for its sweet smell and energizing, uplifting effects. Because it’s an autoflower, it typically has a shorter growing period and is often easier to grow than non-autoflowering strains, making it an excellent choice for cultivators of all experience levels.

By combining these two parent strains, Ethos Genetics created Zweet Auto RBX2. This strain maintains the uplifting and euphoric effects found in both parent strains. However, being an autoflowering strain, it also provides the benefits of a quicker grow time and easier cultivation process. The flavor profile of Zweet Auto RBX2 should be reminiscent of Zweet Inzanity’s powerful sour, sweet, and spicy flavors, possibly with an added earthiness from the Durban Auto.

Expect Zweet Auto RBX2 to mature in approximately 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest. This rapid growing period, combined with the strain’s vigorous growth and high resilience, makes Zweet Auto RBX2 an excellent choice for those looking for a potent strain that’s quick and easy to grow.

6 Feminized Automatic Seeds Per Pack

  • Yield: low
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