Ethos Genetics – Purple Sunset RBX2 {FEM} [5pk]


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Breeder Certified Genetics
Breeder Certified Genetics

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Ethos Genetics – Purple Sunset RBX2

(Purple Punch x Mandarin Sunset) x (Purple Punch x Mandarin Cookies) x Mandarin Sunset

Introduction to Purple Sunset RBX2

Allow me to introduce you to Purple Sunset RBX2, a stunning jewel in the crown of Ethos Genetics’ exceptional collection. This breathtaking strain is the fruit of an intricate lineage that includes Purple Punch, Mandarin Sunset, and Mandarin Cookies.

Ancestry of Purple Sunset RBX2

The lineage of Purple Sunset RBX2 reads like a who’s who of cannabis royalty. This stunning strain springs from a complex mix of Purple Punch x Mandarin Sunset, Purple Punch x Mandarin Cookies, and Mandarin Sunset. It’s an Ethos Genetics seeds marvel that showcases the best traits of its distinguished parents.

Deep Dive into Purple Punch

Purple Punch, a key contributor to the Purple Sunset RBX2 mix, is a strain that sets a high standard. As part of the Ethos Genetics best seeds bank, it brings an impressive array of attributes to Purple Sunset RBX2.

Profiling Mandarin Sunset and Mandarin Cookies

The dual influence of Mandarin Sunset and Mandarin Cookies on Purple Sunset RBX2 is unmistakable. These strains, renowned in the Ethos Genetics’ seed collection, add a vibrant and intriguing layer to the character of Purple Sunset RBX2.

Harmonious Blend: Purple Punch and Mandarin Cookies/Sunset

The combination of Purple Punch with Mandarin Cookies and Mandarin Sunset in the lineage of Purple Sunset RBX2 results in a best Ethos strain that’s nothing short of extraordinary. The synergy of these parent strains delivers a sublime cannabis experience.

Terpene Profile of Purple Sunset RBX2

Purple Sunset RBX2 boasts a rich terpene profile that makes it a standout. The influence of its parent strains melds beautifully to create a complex and enjoyable flavor and scent profile.

Fragrance of Purple Sunset RBX2

A whiff of Purple Sunset RBX2 unleashes a flood of sensational aromas. It’s a strain that captivates the senses, thanks in part to the distinctive fragrances of its parent strains.

Procuring Purple Sunset RBX2, the best seed bank in the USA, is your reliable source for Purple Sunset RBX2. We take pride in offering the best Ethos Genetics seeds to our valued clientele.

Strains Related to Purple Sunset RBX2

Several strains share a genetic link to Purple Sunset RBX2, including its parent strains, Purple Punch, Mandarin Cookies, and Mandarin Sunset. Each shares distinct characteristics that make them related yet unique.

Comparing Purple Sunset RBX2 to Other Strains

When placed side by side with other strains, Purple Sunset RBX2 stands out, thanks to its unique lineage and Ethos Genetics’ meticulous breeding practices.

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 From The Breeder

Purple Sunset is versatile to most. A good daytime smoke for those that have anxiety issues and want calm without couch-lock. A great night time smoke as well with her euphoric and calming effects.

This one is easy to grow and easy to trim. Tangerine sized nugs cover this lady from head to root. Very dense and fast to flower, her purple hues come on heavy as she flushes. Strong lateral branching and good vigor make her a pleasure to grow. If she gets big, she’ll need some support for the flowers. Easily trained for any system.

• 5 AlphaFem™ Seeds

• Flowering time

Indoor: 8 weeks

Outdoor: Early-Mid season

• Yield: Above average

• Total Cannabinoids: 25-30%

• CBD: 1-2%

• CBG: 1%

• Terpenes: Sweet and Spicy citrus with berries and floral.

• Effects: She’s a hybrid that leans Indica for many.

  • Need more info on strains? Check out our blogs
  • Lineage: (Purple Punch x Mandarin Sunset) x (Purple Punch x Mandarin Cookies) x Mandarin Sunset
  • Yield: low
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