Ethos Genetics – Orange Velvet Underground RBX1 {FEM} [5pk]


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Breeder Certified Genetics
Breeder Certified Genetics

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Ethos Genetics – Orange Velvet Underground RBX1 {FEM} [5pk]

(Sour Tangie x Mandarin Sunset) x Orange Velvet (Clone only)

If you’re seeking a strain that brings a burst of energy, tangy flavor, and an artistic vibe, then the Orange Velvet Underground RBX1 is the perfect match. This strain, brought to life by Ethos Genetics, is the lovechild of Sour Tangie x Mandarin Sunset and the clone-only strain Orange Velvet.

Understanding the history of this strain involves getting acquainted with its vibrant parents. Sour Tangie x Mandarin Sunset combines the sharp citrusy notes of Sour Tangie with the smooth, fruity essence of Mandarin Sunset. The result is a strain that delights with its potent effects and flavor, leaving users feeling euphoric, uplifted, and ready to explore creative endeavors.

The strain’s other parent, Orange Velvet, a rare clone-only strain, is known for its sweet citrus aroma and flavor that’s reminiscent of a freshly peeled orange. Its uplifting and mood-enhancing effects make it a favorite among users who seek a cerebral experience.

When these two strains combine, the resulting Orange Velvet Underground RBX1 is a mesmerizing hybrid that embodies the psychedelic spirit of its namesake. It radiates an intoxicating aroma of ripe oranges and zesty tangerines, enticing your senses even before you partake.

As you indulge in the Orange Velvet Underground RBX1, you’re immediately hit with its pronounced citrus flavor, accompanied by subtle undertones of exotic fruits. The smoke is as smooth as velvet, providing a pleasurable experience that enhances the strain’s euphoric and uplifting effects.

For those eager to journey into this tangy underworld, the seeds are available exclusively from, the premier seed bank in the US. A word of caution, this strain is not for the faint of heart. It promises an experience that’s as invigorating as its vibrant, citrusy aroma and flavor.

In comparison with other popular strains, the Orange Velvet Underground RBX1 stands out for its unique terpene profile and invigorating effects. If you’re a fan of Sour Tangie, Mandarin Sunset, or Orange Velvet, this strain is a must-try.

From The Breeder

• 5 AlphaFem™ Seeds

• Flowering time: Indoor: 8-9 weeks

Outdoor: Typical Mid-Season (Earlier for extraction)

• Yield: Very Heavy!!

• Cannabinoids 25%+

• Terpenes/Flavor: Crazy PUNGENT Oriental orange spices

• CBD 1%

• CBG 2%

Large, medium dense kolas and side branching baseball-sized nugs. Dark purple is her most common hue, especially in her flushing phase. Cold temps make her colors more vibrant and dynamic. Almost blue.

Beast in all phases but easily controllable and trained due to her strong lateral branching as well as vigorous stacked apex growth.

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  • Lineage: (Sour Tangie x Mandarin Sunset) x Orange Velvet (Clone only)
  • Yield: low
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