Ethos Genetics – Member Berry RBX1 {FEM} [5pk]


  • Ethos Genetics - Member Berry RBX1 {FEM} [5pk]

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Ethos Genetics – Member Berry RBX1 {FEM} [5pk]


Member Berry RBX1 is a unique cannabis strain developed by Ethos Genetics. This strain is derived from a blend of Skunk Berry and Mandarin Sunset.

Skunk Berry is a hybrid strain known for its potent mix of cerebral and body effects. This strain is characterized by its tangy and sweet aroma, reminiscent of berries and skunks. Skunk Berry offers a high that is both uplifting and relaxing, which is ideal for managing stress and anxiety.

Mandarin Sunset, on the other hand, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain appreciated for its citrusy aroma and mellow, mood-enhancing effects. Mandarin Sunset also provides a euphoric high that is often used to combat pain and insomnia.

The result of crossing these two strains, Member Berry RBX1, is likely to be a potent and flavorful cannabis strain. Users can anticipate a bouquet of tangy, sweet, and citrusy flavors with a hint of skunkiness. The effects of this strain are expected to be balanced between the uplifting and euphoric qualities of Skunk Berry and the soothing, relaxing properties of Mandarin Sunset.

The growth characteristics of Member Berry RBX1 will likely reflect its hybrid nature. It’s expected to be a robust plant that thrives in various growing conditions, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Product Tags: Member Berry RBX1, Skunk Berry, Mandarin Sunset, Uplifting, Relaxing, High THC, Potent, Hybrid.

Meta Description: Discover the Member Berry RBX1 by Ethos Genetics, a potent cannabis strain offering a balance of uplifting and relaxing effects with a blend of tangy, sweet, and citrusy flavors.

Meta Title: Member Berry RBX1: A Tangy, Uplifting Strain with High THC Content

FAQ Description Box: Explore the Flavorful and Potent Characteristics of Member Berry RBX1


  1. Q: What’s the flavor profile of Member Berry RBX1? A: Member Berry RBX1 delivers a combination of tangy, sweet, and citrusy flavors with a hint of skunkiness.
  2. Q: What kind of effects can I expect from Member Berry RBX1? A: Member Berry RBX1 offers a balance of uplifting, euphoric, and relaxing effects.
  3. Q: Where can I buy Member Berry RBX1 seeds? A: Member Berry RBX1 seeds can be purchased from trustworthy online seed banks offering Ethos Genetics products.
  4. Q: What makes Member Berry RBX1 unique? A: Member Berry RBX1 stands out for its unique blend of flavors, balanced effects, and high THC content.

From The Breeder

Large yields of truly boutique flowers. Sweet and tart citrus / floral flavors are often accompanied by an old school skunk in certain phenos. Heavy, long lasting hybrid effects. Do you member?!

• 5 AlphaFem™ Seeds

• Cup Winner: Flower and Extract

• Yield: 60-80 grams/sq ft

• Days of Flower: 60-65


• Plant Morphology: Low (30/100)

• Flower Morphology: High (70/100)

• Extracts Up To: 4-5% Terpenes

• Tested at: 24-28% THC

• Flower Variation: High (70/100)

  • Yield: low

Ethos Genetics – Member Berry RBX1


• 5 AlphaFem™ Seeds

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