Ethos Genetics – Lemon Berry Candy OG R2 {FEM} [5pk]


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Ethos Genetics – Lemon Berry Candy OG R2 {FEM} [5pk]


Welcome to Lemon Berry Candy OG R2

Step into the world of Lemon Berry Candy OG R2, a flagship strain from the exceptional Ethos Genetics seed bank. This mesmerizing blend of LBCOG #1 and LBCOG #7 promises an unparalleled cannabis journey.

Tracing the Roots of Lemon Berry Candy OG R2

Bred by the skillful minds at Ethos Genetics, Lemon Berry Candy OG R2 pays homage to its rich lineage. This strain, born from two powerful parents, is a testament to Ethos Genetics’ dedication to producing the best seeds.

Deciphering the LBCOG #1 Strain

LBCOG #1, the mother strain, imparts several unique attributes to LBC OG R2. When you engage with this strain, you’re exploring the heritage of LBCOG #1, a key contribution to the best Ethos seeds collection.

Spotlight on LBCOG #7

LBCOG #7, the father strain, is a treasure chest of potent properties. As an essential part of the best Ethos seeds, it plays a significant role in defining the unique character of LBC OG R2.

A Harmonious Union: LBCOG #1 x LBCOG #7

When LBCOG #1 and LBCOG #7 unite, the outcome is the awe-inspiring LBC OG R2. This exemplary blend from the Ethos Genetics seed bank offers cannabis enthusiasts a strain with depth, balance, and allure.

Terpene Profile of Lemon Berry Candy OG R2

This Strain presents a rich terpene profile. The interplay of flavors and aromas stimulate the senses, crafting a multifaceted cannabis experience that will linger in memory.

The Scent of Lemon Berry Candy OG R2

The strain exudes an enticing scent that stimulates and enchants. LBC OG R2’s aroma echoes the best of its parent strains, crafting an olfactory journey that teases the senses in delightful ways.

Your Destination for Lemon Berry Candy OG R2

Your quest for Lemon Berry Candy OG R2 ends at, the superior seed bank in the USA. Discover an extensive collection of the best Ethos Genetics, including the enchanting LBCOG R2.

Related Strains to Lemon Berry Candy OG R2

Numerous strains share lineage with Lemon Berry Candy OG R2, including its parent strains, LBCOG #1 and LBCOG #7. These strains boast similar attributes due to their shared genetic history.

Comparing Lemon Berry Candy OG R2 with Other Strains

Lemon Berry Candy OG R2 distinguishes itself from other popular strains through its unique lineage and Ethos Genetics’ expert breeding. Offering a varied range of traits, it crafts a unique cannabis experience few strains can rival.

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