DJ Short Seeds – Breeders’ Choice Mix #1 {REG} [16pk]


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DJ Short Seeds – Breeders’ Choice Mix #1


16 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Breeders’ Choice Mix # 1
The ‘FL’ or ‘Floral’ Side
The first in a series of ‘Breeders’ Choice Mixes’ from DJ Genetics.
Flowering Cycle:
Sativa lines—Approximately 75 Days

Indica lines—Approximately 63 Days

This Mix#1 release utilizes seed-stock preserved from the mid-1990’s representing the ‘FL’ or ’Floral’ lines. The parents being several females from the 1-7 ‘FL’ (Floral, aka ‘Happy Pussy’) line crossed with a single resinous ‘Original F-13’ male (no longer alive making this drop ‘Exclusive’, or ‘One-Time-Only’). The progeny tested expressed approx. 25% stellar floral Indica traits of sweet/fruity/tight-nug/potent (20% and higher THC)/short flower time and 75% hazy Sativa traits of elongated spears, interesting terpene profiles of oily/musky/chemi/cologne/mint/menthol/etc. and interesting cannabinoid ratios but generally lower percentages as with most Hazy Sativa (traces of CBG, CBD, CBN and CBDv detected in testing) and longer flowering times.

This is a ‘Breeders’ Choice Mix’ requiring a discerning pheno-hunt, or involved selective process. Expect approx. 2 female and 2 male ‘keepers’ directly from the seeds contained within. This is excellent breed stock once the selection is done as the ‘keepers’ tend to be more homozygous recessives. Therefore, many more interesting combinations may be observed by further working the line. It is highly recommended that the entire 16 seeds in the pack be sprouted to insure increasing the odds of finding the true gems contained therein. Happy Hunting!

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