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Crickets and Cicadas Seeds – NL1 x Puck BC1 {REG} [12pk]


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Crickets and Cicadas Seeds –

Strain name – NL1 x Puck BC1

Lineage – Northern Lights #1 x (Skelly) Hash plant BC1

Sex – Regular

Seed Count -12 Regular Seeds

Flower Time – 63-65 days

Information – This Northern lights cutting comes from our friend AK Bean Brains who found it in his famous ‘freezer stock’, 30+ year old northern lights seeds he had literally stashed away in his freezer! The NL cutting is a pure indica. Squat, compact structure, low side branching with apical totem-pole kush structure. Pure earthy Afghani taste, with a narcotic stone to the bone effect that will put even the heaviest smoker down.

These hybrids will be 100% indica in structure, minimal side branching and dense buds lathered in large bulbous resin glands. Expect pure hash plant tastes – Afghani Hash, earthy chocolate and dense pine with a bit of that special old school magic in the mix.

Doubling down on the NL1 in the pedigree, this is a plant for indica lovers with a HEAVY tolerance. Though it’s likely not the best weed to start your day it would be some of the absolute best to end it with. Expect to be drifting off to sleep shortly after a taste of this heavy Afghani offering.

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