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Crickets and Cicadas Seeds – NL x Puck BC1 {REG} [12pk]


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Crickets and Cicadas Seeds –

Strain name – NL x Puck BC1 (aka skelly hashplant Bx1)

Lineage –  Northern Lights (Unknown) x  Skelly Hash Plant BC1

Sex – Regular

Seed Count – 12 Regular Seeds

Flower Time – 63-65 days

Information –
This Northern Lights (NL) cutting was gifted to us by @gandayasfarm and has a nostril flaring old school pine overload along with a strong fungal (botrytis etc) resistance, leading many including Mr Bob and Kevin Jodrey to speculate this cutting is likely an NL5 .

The offspring of this proven NL are hardy and very fungal resistant, more so than other NL cuts, making this a perfect candidate for an extremely high quality cultivar that performs well outdoors or in more challenging conditions.  Dense resin covered flowers with indoor friendly stretch (0.5x-0.75x) that exude deep pine and aromatic leather. Finishing around the 65 days these plants will leave partakers simply in awe of the effect. High medicinal value, robust growth and old world effect are all standard with this girl, she’s the complete package.

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